Get a Horse!

Get a Horse!

Mickey, Minnie, Horace Horsecollar, and Clarabelle Cow go on a musical wagon ride until Peg-Leg Pete tries to run them off the road.

Mickey, Minnie, Horace Horsecollar, and Clarabelle Cow go on a musical wagon ride until Peg-Leg Pete tries to run them off the road. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shaun B (gb) wrote: Devastatingly moving film about a gay lover and mother losing their world. Well done Netflix for adding this movie to their catalogue.

Barry T (kr) wrote: A huge fan of Moore but this was a scattershot mish mash. It was particully funny and im sure it was meant to be. File under odd

Chris K (ru) wrote: I thought this little movie was fabulous. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the songs and the performances. Strongly recommend it if you want a unique movie experience.

Indra W (mx) wrote: Well, I do not have any expectation, and maybe kids will like this. But 'love competitor turns out to be one of the bad guy' cliche, it does not work for me.

Anna B (au) wrote: I forgot how it feels to be truly challenged by a film. I've been complacent lately.

Stephen J (us) wrote: Echelon Conspiracy seems like a made for television movie that was accidentally released to theaters. Greg Marcks must be a Will Smith fan to make a movie that is the average of two Smith flicks: Enemy of the State and I, Robot. Echelon Conspiracy offers nothing new and blandly imitates its successful predecessors. And my goodness, who was in charge of casting? Shane West is too weak of a lead actor and Martin Sheen is too strong of a supporting actor for this film to feel properly balanced; it's like watching a white belt fight a black belt. There was a lot of potential here, but its unrealized and the movie is ultimately disappointing.

Noah R (es) wrote: Fun, Heart warming, just a really great movie.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Three women on a road trip of discovery is not a new idea, but this one stands up well.

Darrin C (kr) wrote: I thought the first scenes were slow, but realize now that it was necessary for strong character development as that really impacted the following events. Good acting from all players in an all around terrifyingly realistic movie.

Marcus W (es) wrote: Cusack plays a Jewish art dealer who takes a young artist under his wing, by the name of Adolf Hitler. A compelling watch.

D H (gb) wrote: Lol hilarious I love this movie

Bill B (us) wrote: A little something off the To-Watch Pile, with some typically silly Fulci where someone gets snail-ed to death, because eh seems to really love a slow moving killer animal or creature.Rental.

Kevin R (it) wrote: If a man guards a book year after year, what is more important, the man or the book? Cord enters a fight tournament hoping to be selected as the savior of civilization; and despite winning the tournament, Cord is not sent to obtain a sacred book believed to have the power to save the world from destruction. Cord decides to set out on his own mission to obtain the book without the support of his villagers. He will seek the aid of several locals he encounters on his journey. "Tie two birds together and despite having four wings they cannot fly." Richard Moore delivers Circle of Iron in his lone directorial project (he also worked on the 1982 Annie film). The storyline for this picture was interesting and co-written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn. The settings were brilliant and well delivered and the action sequences were okay but not great. The acting was about average and the cast includes Christopher Lee, David Carradine, Eli Wallach, Roddy McDowall, and Anthony De Longis. "My skills are not there to impress you." The cast of this film grabbed my attention and made me have to sit down and watch this picture. I can tell you the casting director did not do the film justice by selecting Jeff Cooper to play the main character. This film lacked the pizzazz and style of such films as Beast Master, Willow, or the Conan pictures that presented similar content and settings. Overall, this is an average movie that may be worth viewing once if you are a fan of David Carradine or the genre. "If you won't melt it off, cut it off!" Grade: C

Jason V (de) wrote: Yippie-kay-yay black and whiter!lolA really good movie of those amazing crazy dudes, I named Laurel and Hardy.Didn't see it (and any of theirs) since ages. That's why I bought this 1 and A Chump at Oxford on DVD some weeks ago.I still need to watch the other, that maybe I already saw, like this one.Soon!But I still have around 40 DVDs I didn't watch since I bought them; even if a lot are movies I saw 1 or several times already.On the DVD, there are the original and a colorised version.But no way for me for the color on L&H or Chaplin's movie.Pity!It makes me mad they did this horror; but in fact, if it makes some people who had never watched a film in black and white, watch it, then, it's a victory I guess.Anyways, I didn't hesitate a semi second before to choose.And the next time I'll watch it, it'll always be in B&W.Just by curiosity, I checked the color version. It clearly confirmed my fears and my wishes to never watch more than 10 seconds like this.Some unforgetable gags all along the movie, who had of course been so imitated, copied, used since.So, someone stupid would say it's all but original, seeing it. Only being senseless we could say it, as it was contrary totally original at the times.I'd like to see soe of their shorts again too, as I think they are even better; that's also the opinion of a good friend.I didn't see them since so many years that I can't really say.I anyways saw a DVD with 6 shorts for a very low price, so, I'll clearly buy it soon.I didn't remember at all that Laurel was the scapegoat of Hardy. He always hit him with his fists; on the shoulder most of the time.So, that make us laugh more when Laurel takes his revenge, making Hardy fall for example, cause we think he deserves it.So, to resume, run for it!;)

Conrad T (mx) wrote: Basically not much action nor adventure, call it a comedy.

Maurcio V (mx) wrote: O tom cmico s vezes passa do limite, mas 'Qual seu nmero?' (C), pelo menos, eficiente na quantidade de risos que provoca e conta com uma atuao divertida da Anna Faris. Nada mal pra uma com (C)dia de sesso da tarde.