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Get Carter

Remake of the Michael Caine classic. Jack Carter, a mob enforcer living in Las Vegas, travels back to his hometown of Seattle for his brother's funeral. During this visit, Carter realizes that the death of his brother was not accidental, but a murder. With this knowledge, Carter sets out to kill all those responsible.

Years ago, Jack Carter left his Seattle home to become a Las Vegas mob casino financial enforcer. He returns for the funeral of his brother Richard 'Richie' after a car crash during a storm, atypical of the careful house-father. Talking to the widow, daughter Doreen and enigmatic Geraldine, Jack suspects it was murder. Cliff Brumby, whose club Richie ran, is financially linked to porn and prostitution baron Cyrus Paice, who claims to be just a front-man for ITC tycoon Jeremy Kinnear. Someone hired goon Thorpey to make Jack return to Las Vegas. There Jack's partner Les Fletcher is restless, apparently about their boss Con McCarty whose wife had an affair with Jack. Someone breaks into Richie's home, looking for a crucial CD. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura L (ru) wrote: An interesting look at a well told story.

Matthew L (ag) wrote: You never quite buy into this films premise especially once the twist is revealed the previous 90+ minutes fall apart. Neeson was at the beginning of his geri-action phase with this film and whilst he's always watchable he can't save this film.

Sergio R (it) wrote: Very emotional well written story...SRK was magnificent

Andrew F (jp) wrote: Warm-hearted and humorous. It becomes disjointed after about an hour. This is because although it's really Sofia's story, the eternally weepy suicidal James steals the show from her, so the sudden happy endings all round are doubly disconcerting. It's the Daily Mail's most hated film of all time (before that, it was Meet the Feebles), so it's essential viewing, Ted!

Justin B (it) wrote: a sweeping and fusing journey thru the sounds, sounds, and perspectives of the world's cultures. provocative and original, yet only wished there were a few less beatings of straw men when it came to the critique of western culture and religion. bias indeed.

Andrew J (jp) wrote: Simply an excellent murder mystery movie. Richard Dutcher manages to blend it in with religous overtones, and this movie has perhaps, the most emotionally powerful scene in LDS film history.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: The beginning of Jason's killing spree in part 2 and it's just more of the same but different teens to kill, The movie has allot of plot holes, Like did he really drown in the lake, His age makes no sense too, But I've come to my own understanding that he didn't drown in the lake as no body was recoverd and he lived in the woods for 20+ years that explains how he saw his mum die and his age, And the end of the first film where Jason comes out the lake as a boy was a dream.

Jo Y (gb) wrote: I like Natalie and also Michael..

WS W (ag) wrote: Just when you think they'd play it low, they chose to talk- to talk a lot.

ivan h (fr) wrote: Funny movie This is so funny

jay n (fr) wrote: Some great songs and excellent production values but missing that spark that takes a good film to a great one. Ann Miller has a lightness that the rest of the cast doesn't, for some reason she only dances once not utilizing her greatest asset. Her one number is a knockout though.

Friskyy K (nl) wrote: One of Kim Ki Duk darkest movies. A portrait of the lives of Koreans during the cold war. The hopes, the love, the tragedy all together beset each other.

Bobby D (mx) wrote: An interesting take on spaceflight. Curious how much they got right about the launch but missed on other details. The rocket rollout from the hanger was so similar to the actual Apollo rollouts of the Saturn V. It was funny on the moon even tho it was 1929, the rocket didn't have a radio for communication to Earth. And they used a superstious Diving Rod to locate water! Lang could've seriously cut 30 to 45 minutes out of the beginning as the melodrama got extremely repetitive.

Rasheed T (ru) wrote: It's a decent comedy. But Martin is still playing the same role he always plays. Maybe it's time to try something different.

Jesse F (mx) wrote: Think of it as a playlist, really. A jazz mixtape, punctuated by a Vaudeville song-and-dance starring shuffling alcoholic musicians, depressed, demoralized, alone, and without about as much sense for narrative structure as you'd find in that drunk girl they dropped down the stairs, head first. Surely the jazz age wasn't as angry and plodding as all that?

James H (es) wrote: The Ideas of March is always going to have some sort of split of opinion because it's about politics. As a film, I thought it was well directed with interesting, intelligent characters. Everybody in the A list cast were good with Ryan Gosling, Even Rachel Wood, George Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti giving particularly compelling performances. As for the screenplay, it make or breaks the film, it was let down on one or two occasions but for the rest, it was fantastic. I thought this was a fascinating, intriguing tale of betrayed and sneakiness that I will watch again.

Ca H (it) wrote: Both characters are fairly unlikeable at times but then the performances are interesting enough that you are still engaged. Some really funny and heartfelt scenes if a bit bleak at times. I did really enjoy it though.

Christian C (kr) wrote: Well done, but Barbara is a bit hammy. Pleasant (although often unmemorable) songs. And again -- doesn't Mandy Patinkin play the pan flute for a living nowadays?!

Simon B (gb) wrote: This is not the worst slasher I've seen but it's really predictable and typical.

Cory B (mx) wrote: Plays on parental fears very well.