Get Crazy

Get Crazy

Mega-promoter Colin Beverly plans to sabotage the New Year's 1983 concert of small-time operator Max Wolfe. Wolfe's assistants Neil Allen and Willie Loman find romance while trying to save the drugs, violence, and rock and roll from Beverly's schemes.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:spoof,   bomb,   drugs,  

Mega-promoter Colin Beverly plans to sabotage the New Year's 1983 concert of small-time operator Max Wolfe. Wolfe's assistants Neil Allen and Willie Loman find romance while trying to save ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donald L (ca) wrote: The pace of this film seemed unnecessarily slow to me. The men are beautiful and the imagery often is as well, but seemingly endless shots of people walking, walking, walking, running...laughing and crying for no discernible reason leave me cold. I almost ejected it and moved on after an opening that went on and on with no context given for the characters or what they were doing. I decided instead to fast forward through a lot of the artsy tediousness and found that created little difficulty in comprehending the story or enjoying some of the admittedly beautiful images [there is not much dialog to miss and Blu-Ray doesn't blur]. Not exactly a waste of time, but I'm glad I wasn't trapped watching this in a theater for over three hours.

Samuel B (es) wrote: Good movie but I expected more. It is funny here and there but anywhere close to the Zombieland type of comedy I was expecting. You could probably pass but it's better than nothing.

Paisley D (jp) wrote: 60's rock icon? Rolling Stones? Me likey.

Brandon M (fr) wrote: Vinnie Jones is a pimp. Although.. I woulda went with Rita no doubt..

Danush S (fr) wrote: Million Dollar Baby is a great movie and by far one of the greatest boxing movies I've ever watched. The acting is just MIND-BLOWING, and i could say that it would also be a great movies to watch with your family too. Although, this movie could have been made better by focusing a little more on the training part and the early life of Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank). But overall its a must-watch to hollywood lovers.

Heidi C (it) wrote: This is a very good movie. This is a fact based movie about the doctor who performed open heart surgery for the first time.Not only was it the first time it was also on a baby. This is a heart wrenching movie that must be seen.

brendan n (kr) wrote: poor excuse of a film this sadly takes what could of been an intriguing idea and turns it into a poor mans boogie nights. nudity over substance this movie suffers from everything, definately one to avoid

MEC r (gb) wrote: I didn't like this film.

Rosanne A (us) wrote: I really enjoyed watching this movie

Phillie E (mx) wrote: Charming and enjoyable.

Byron S (ag) wrote: I know it's overly sentimental and emotionally mechicanical but I'm a sucker for it each viewing

Daniele C (es) wrote: A movie probably so much ahead of its time. The effects are unbelievable if you think it was made in 1982. The characters and the plot though feel quite dated nowadays. The sequel from 2010 is the perfect "upgrade" of this movie.

Bill B (us) wrote: Since I had watched the Travolta/Washington starring re-make way back when it came to video, I figured I should finally give this one a day in court, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it a great deal. It also has more of a ground level crime-fighting feeling to it, as Matthau pursues the case above and beyond, and it pays off.Well worth a look, give it a rental at the very least.

Nate T (ca) wrote: A shaky remake of The Paleface (1948) is a little tired but still a load of fun.

Daniel C (gb) wrote: Fun, though a tragedy, Amadeus is an unexpectedly acute look into the human psyche.

Glyn I (jp) wrote: AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE. I only watched this because I wanted to see the origins of Candyman and I heard the reviews were 'mixed' (aka not horrible). However, the myth of his character only works as an urban legend and seeing it on screen is a let down (and not just because of the acting). The film illustrates practically every single cliche in the horror genre and doesn't even attempt to follow the quality set by the first Candyman.

Matt D (jp) wrote: Brian De Palma and Mission Impossible owe this movie their life for the break-in scene which practically mimics the one in this film shot for shot. This is a fun flick overall but not entirely memorable.