Get Educated: Paathshaala

Get Educated: Paathshaala

Ask any parents and the most common problem being faced by them in the current times will bring out the real picture of the educational institutes functioning in our present social system. Fast moving towards the extreme commercialism of this noble profession, the schools and colleges of every major city are no-where less than any corporate business houses running with the sole motive of profits. Have they forgotten their actual task of imparting education to the future generation and Have they completely given up the nobleness of the profession….are the questions raised by this well intended project aptly titled "Paathshaala".

A new English school-teacher also teaches music but ends up leading both teachers and students to revolt against the school management. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Terry G (us) wrote: Excellent story of a narcissistic, alcoholic woman going from bad to worse. Even though it was advertised as a comedy, it's more of a tragedy.

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Ashlee P (jp) wrote: This was incredible. I cant beleive This was only a couple of years in the making. What a shame on our world. But amazing strength of Mr Freeman and the students. Terrific.

Jitipol P (mx) wrote: It would be comforting, and tidy, to suggest that the director had waited all his life for the chance to make this film, as if it meant everything to him; yet I still have no idea what truly quickens his heart, and at some level, for all the movie??s narrative momentum, Che retains the air of a study exercise--of an interest brilliantly explored. How else to explain one's total flatness of feeling at the climax of each movie?

Ricardo A (au) wrote: Intense, gut wrenching, Bus 174 it's an excellent documentary that makes your eyes glued to the screen.

Michael A (ru) wrote: Solid retelling of the Shakespeare classic.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: Bizarre And Enjoyable Arty Horror-Drama With Great Cast--Kafka, brought to life by Soderbergh!!

Knox M (gb) wrote: The most accessible Trek film, The Voyage Home is funny, supreme sci-fi.

Aubrey B (nl) wrote: I like his brother more.

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Logan M (us) wrote: Hard not to love, "Harry and Tonto" is a genuinely heartfelt story of an old man (& his cat) searching for a place to truly call home.

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Andrew P (ag) wrote: A bit overlong. Good performances all around. Nice climactic shootout.