Get Smart, Again!

Get Smart, Again!

KAOS has invented a weather machine so Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 are called back into action to foil this evil plan.

Maxwell Smart is called back to duty as KAOS is back causing trouble again, this time with a 'weather machine'. Although instructed to keep his mission secret from his wife, 99, Max can't ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russell L (gb) wrote: A moving, tear jerking performance by Shia LaBeouf . I could not take my eyes off of him throughout the entire movie.A movie that hopefully shines a light on the psychological issues that some of our soldiers have when they come home from combat.I enjoyed the movie immensely.

Marky L (gb) wrote: 2.5 average. First was better

Tom S (gb) wrote: A story of unrepentant adultery, it features long (boring) shots of Hester smoking. I would never want to watch this again. Sure, one can imagine the attraction of a younger British war pilot vs a staid, though successful, older man seemingly tied to his mother's apron strings. But what about moral duty?

Brendan S (us) wrote: You're fucking joking right? This movie is definition of crazy nerd that got way too hyped up for the sequels. They weren't the best, but weren't that bad.

Dan C (mx) wrote: One of the two or three worst movies I've ever least if you set aside crappy teen comedies and other obviously unambitious fare.

Ahmad A (ru) wrote: Fantastico!!!This is definitely one of my favorite movies. I love Marieta! She's such an uplifting and fun character! and the musical numbers are great! My favorite musical scenes are "true blue" and "I want to Break Free" especially the latter one. It's a must see!

Laura R (br) wrote: a sad love story. a misunderstood brother and his lovely sister. plus the girls boyfriend. complicated but entertaining. except the movie is going way too fast.

Campbell P (nl) wrote: Simon Birch guilts the audience into appreciating this unrealistic character such as Simon due to his cute appearance as well as the different situations he encounters. It's honestly hard for me to watch because of how unoriginal and corny this film is. F

Emmanuel S (ca) wrote: Stop watching 'Spy Hard' after the 'Weird Al' Yankovic James Bond title song parody sequence. You're welcome.

James B (au) wrote: Favorite movie of all time. Looking back just makes me tear up inside from the hilarity.

Ahmed M (de) wrote: interesting, although when u end up knowing more abt the real queen --- a far more interesting figure than the lovelorn character tht Hollywood produced----- end up feeling that the film shouldn't have diverged from historical fact. Fortunately Garbo's there--

Thomas H (es) wrote: Fantastic performances (especially from Lemmon) make for a cynical, witty drama.

David L (nl) wrote: I love old 70's campfests, and this is the Best of the Best! The King Of Cartoons(Pee-Wee's Playhouse), as a Vampire....classic!

Claire T (mx) wrote: I didn't like this movie, I expected better, I think it could have been better but I don't want it on DVD

Joe N (ag) wrote: Tragic with sometimes interesting interests. See where the talented Chastain got her start if you can stomach train wrecks. 625