Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon

After having a nervous breakdown, a popular talk-show host confronts his ex-girlfriend who is dating a cross-dresser.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:celebrity,  

He left her for fame.. but wants her back. She still loves him.. but isn't sure she can trust him. Now they both have to face the truth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Get Well Soon torrent reviews

John M (jp) wrote: Andy Garcia is great in this movie about life in the Bronx.

Mikael K (jp) wrote: Takeshi Kitano offers a messy and pointless mash of fan service that has some random good scenes in it but doesn't form a working whole.

F B (fr) wrote: Rather boring and uneventful. Never really got above 1st gear and just seemed to drag on and on. Can't believe it was 1h22m, it felt more like an eternity.

Christopher A (mx) wrote: A very entertaining film.

Kristie H (mx) wrote: Awesome movie!... I would love to have it!

Blake D (de) wrote: A great movie about Jewish prejudice with solid performances from promising future actors

Markku H (de) wrote: I was a teen when I first saw it and I was totally blown away. It has remained one of my favorite films since and something that I periodically watch again and always find something new.

Drew M (gb) wrote: Exists only for Albert Finney who is great but whose character cannot sustain a two-hour film.

Ian N (es) wrote: I prefer this to the original film as it built upon the themes of the first, without being a usual sequel re-hash. Again, the two leads give great performances and I understood their relationship far more. I found myself laughing far more at the action and very cleverly paced story. I also felt this complimented the first by continuing to be subtly thought provoking regarding gender identity and sexuality. Very good film.

Matthew J (es) wrote: Kurt Vonnegut's novel is a must-read and the film adaptation comes off as a nice companion piece. It is competently made and entertaining and (if you'd believe it) it actually improves on the character of Derby beautifully played by Eugene Roche. But the real centerpiece of the film is the brilliant and lifelike portrayal of Billy Pilgrim by Michael Sacks. All of this is set to stunning cinematography and scenery and a dazzling mix of humor and drama.

Johnny B (mx) wrote: Best John wayne movie ever

Damien B (us) wrote: One of the best yakuza movies, stripped of the usual showing off and prancing around.

TheLords A (us) wrote: ...what...the...frick?Plot: The story begins with Squire Allworthy coming home from a trip to find a baby in his room. Thinking that his barber and one of his female servants had the child out of lust, he banished both and takes the child as his own naming him Tom Jones. From there the story is about Tom Jones all grown up with all these sorts of adventures of wooing or sleeping with women and eventually traveling to London and who knows what.Again I say; what that frick? I may not have seen all of the best picture winners yet, but I think this one is easily the most messed up kind of movie to win. And comparing to all the really bit best picture screw ups from Broadway Melody to Shakespeare in Love, that's saying a lot. While just about all of the other best picture winner are romantic comedies, thrillers, romantic drama, and heaven knows what else, I really can't believe that at some point in the past, one of the winners is a comedy in this specific kind of style. Tom Jones is a comedy that starts off with a silent movie kind of sequence but is afterwords just this story film that is otherwise just a story based off a book apparently with even points where Tom Jones and a couple of other characters break the fourth wall. It's still a little fun enough to be something of a meh film - because while this film is hardly laugh out loud hysterical and doesn't really go over the top... like at all, it has its moments in being a little amusing with some of its jokes and its performances somewhat - but even so, it's still just a meh kind of movie, and it just is a marvel for me that a movie like this was even nominated let alone won best picture. I mean how it won, I have no idea. I understand that it's something of an adaption of some book, and it became such a huge deal in England...and...that's just it. I don't really know for sure why it won, I guess enough people thought it funny that the academy decided to make it the winner.And that's my review for Tom Jones. It really is just some meh kind of comedy movie that even if it was something of a talk of the town back in it's day (at least in England for all we know for sure), but it doesn't really hold out to the point where people like me are just scratching their heads that this movie won best picture.

Paul D (mx) wrote: It's target audience like it (my 10 yr old) but this is kiddie Bond on a budget with a very lame storyline.