Get Yourself a College Girl

Get Yourself a College Girl

A young music student faces expulsion after her instructors learn she is moonlighting as a pop-music writer.

A college co-ed tries to balance her time writing songs and dealing with her publisher whom tries to pursue her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark S (de) wrote: why would i want to see this if i don't know her "why"?

Manjula C (mx) wrote: A breezy con movie full of twists and turns! :)

Jared M (de) wrote: No where near as good as the first one...but not as bad as some superhero movies. Mildly amusing attempts to use any footage from the first one that doesn't show Liam Neeson!

Michael G (it) wrote: I've seen bits and pieces adding up to most of the movie that is known as Gordy on cable over the last month or so and I think it's safe to say this is one of the worst movies ever made. Picture a corn-fed, white trash, extra-chromosome boasting version of Babe. Just make sure you strip it of any creativity, suspend any and all disbelief then feed it a obscene amount of high fructose corn syrup and the worst parts of American culture. I know its a kids movie, but kids are not stupid and what you feed them now shapes who they turn out to be later. I swear, it should be a law that any and everyone who had anything to do with this movie should be hunted down and kicked until they're dead. With the exception of Roy Clark and Boxcar Willie. Their appearances don't excuse the vileness of this movie though and despite my utter hatred for this movie I'll watch it until the end if I see its on TV. (And really? Who names their kid Hanky? "Come on, Snotrag! Let's go to the tractor pull!") If an alien culture was to come down to Earth, hell-bent on destroying us and mentioned it was because of Gordy I would surrender. Completely surrender...

Michael F (fr) wrote: Could you extort a pig any worse than this?

monsieur r (ru) wrote: K.C.C., what a great title. And that's not Kentucky Cried Chicken (as in K.F.C.) Overly long but interesting concept of a bank heist that while near perfect, has issues. Falsely accused John Payne doesn't quite make my idea of a heavy in this black and white tale of mistaken identity. Interesting bank robbery yields big dividends as the plot unfolds. Also a story of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. John Payne is wrongfully accused of being a criminal in a huge bank bust. Great film for seeing very young actors, like Lee Van Cleef (Good bad and the Ugly), Neville Brand (veteran actor of movies and television). Jack Elam is so young you might not recognize him. A former detective (Foster) devises a perfect armored-car robbery. However, in order for him to pull it off successfully, he blackmails three criminals (Van Cleef, Elam, and Brand) with incriminating evidence from other "jobs". Each of the perpetrators are forced to wear masks, thus concealing their identities from one another and preventing the men from squealing and backstabbing. Everything is going according to plan but a complication arises when the police arrest a man (Rolfe) who happens to drive a van similar to the one used in the robbery. Vowing revenge, this man sets out to find the real criminals and clear his name. SEE MY BLOG for great pictures of the film. Cast John Payne (lead actor Rolfe) Coleen Gray (Foster's daughter lawyer) Neville Brand (robber) Jack Elam (robber) Preston Foster (ex-detective dreams up the heist) Dona Drake Lee Van Cleef (robber) Mario Siletti Crew Story by: Rowland Brown Screenplay: George Bruce Cinematographer: George E. Diskant Story by: Harold R. Greene Screenplay: Harry Essex Art Director: Edward L. Ilou Costume Designer: Joe King Director: Phil Karlson Sound : Fred Lau Set Decorator : Ray Robinson Editor: Buddy Small Producer: Edward Small Composer: Paul Sawtell

PierreYves N (ag) wrote: A wonderful Australian movie; deeply Aussie, and essentially humane!A must see if you love Australia or if you are curious to understand this breathtaking continent and fabulous people.