Getting Any?

Getting Any?

A slapstick comedy, about a goofy middle-aged man who is obsessed with the idea of having car sex. While pursuing his 'dream', he makes all the wrong moves possible, and ends up enrolling in a number of crazy escapades.

Obsessed with the idea of owning his first car so he can have sex in it, a young man takes any job he can find and ends up in an escalating series of crazy situations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alistair H (kr) wrote: Didn't have high hopes but a good solid Mel performance even if no surprises in the script

Greg W (ca) wrote: all about a play within a movie it has its moments

Tom H (fr) wrote: A great and lovely, humerus, tale, in whimsical tone and a lot of fun to watch it. Too bad it did not recieve an award. It was well scripted, well ploted, well done, charismatic, and one to catch. I think it should have been awarded something, but alas, it was looked over.

Private U (nl) wrote: It's always sucha treat to take a riskand watch a movie you know nothing aboutand have it be this good.

daniel esteban h (ru) wrote: mejor que la primera y segunda

Private U (de) wrote: Amazing cast. One of the bollywood movies that you must see.

Alexander A (jp) wrote: Didn't make too much sense but it looked pretty cool.

Carfax A (ag) wrote: Just watched this little piece of grindhouse gem last night and what trash. Of course being a grindhouse flick, fun trash.....You could call this a mix between Texas Chainsaw and any bad 80's college movie. You know your in for a treat when the credits role and Christopher George and Linda Day George names come up...oh yeah. Watch out Night of the Grizzly!!!!! The gore factor in this is very high and pretty effective. Some very over the top effects and use of a chainsaw. We also get to see several very gorgeous 80's chick in the flesh while trying to escape the carnage... The killer of the movie is pretty easy to figure out and not much mystery there....However, there is a cool scene at the end showing exactly what the killer was up to cutting up all these woman. Another great gore effect.... So if you like your horror cheesy 80's style with horrible dubbing (filmed in Italy), then check out Pieces because you wont be disappointed...Oh and seeing Linda Day George scream "You bastard" 5 times in row is priceless...She really looks like she had to work to get those lines out...

Simptica P (es) wrote: When it was screened, it didn't have an English subtitle. A conspiracy to prove that mein Deutsch is rusty, I suspect. Nevertheless, it was enough to make me went "Whole Foods or nothing!". This documentary took "Western gluttony" to a new level.

Ken J (fr) wrote: A hilarious riot of a film that takes the 50's postwar ideology on the road in an absurd triumph in Hollywood glorification.

Millo T (es) wrote: The best in the movie is Kim Novak, although Sinatra is not bad. The hardest is to watch how almost all the environment around Sinatra does not help him to go out of his problems, but to get deeper on them.

Manu G (es) wrote: One of the best crime dramas of the 90's.Excellent Gangster Film! Carlito's Way (1993), is a brilliant cinematic work. Pacino's performance as Carlito Berganzi displays the duplicity and subsequent torment between his reformed spirit, and the endless seduction of the street, embodied more specifically as his reputation,legacy,those who know him, of him, and those whom he allows in his innermost circle. Sean Penn is phenomenal as the lawyer representing Carlito, his metamorphosis into character is testament to his depth of talent. Penelope Ann Miller, as the long-suffering love of Carlito's life is dramatically and visually enchanting. The casting is perfect. The supporting cast superb, perfectly augmenting the film. The script is alive with literary devices, the story line(s), characters, dialogue, themes, sub-texts,etc., make this an almost endlessly watchable film. This is by far one of Pacino's best movies in his career and he should've definitely at least been nominated for an Oscar. Definitely worth to be in your collection if you're a fan of crime dramas or gangster flicks.A Puerto Rican ex-con pledges to stay away from his former drug dealing ways but finds himself being dragged back by his past connections and the naive machinations of his lawyer and best friend. Hoping to raise enough money to get away from New York, Carlito Brigante takes on the job of running a nightclub, renews an affair with a dancer but old associates and old instincts suck him back into a world of violence and mistrust.

Jo D (us) wrote: I haven't watched this since the 80's and just re-watched it 20+ years later. I saw it differently now. The mother is strange, the parents in general are strange why do they have pot smoking parties with their kids? David's parents are strange too. Very sad movie at times. True love prevails. Brooke Shields looks exactly the same all these years later. I got a kick out of a young Tom Cruise in this and James Bader & Ian Zearing all who I didn't notice when I saw it years ago.

Justin B (gb) wrote: Guilty pleasure. A slow moving thriller that morphs into an ultra violent slasher in the last 25 minutes. Both parts work on their own terms but they don't work together. Even though some of the state of the art effects don't hold up as well as they did there are some that still look quite good.

Brock H (kr) wrote: A very unique film which has set a new standard for horror movies. For once we get to see a horror movie have a deeper meaning and not be full of useless gore. Essie Davis gave an award deserving performance. I would highly recommend this to everyone.