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Getting Nowhere Faster


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Jesse B (ru) wrote: Being a big Jeff Buckley fan, I enjoyed watching this...nothing great, wont win awards but good movie.

Joana M (ru) wrote: Christiane Cegavske has a clear eye for detail. Her animation is technically superb, and her visuals original and engagingl. However, her obsession with those details can make this film slightly morose to watch, and make the viewer lose touch with the overall plot. It feels like she could've save a few of the 13 years she took to make this, if she had focused on the more relevant parts of the story-telling. Still, i commend her for her enormous talent in stop-motion animation. Definitely one of the best around.

Jacob P (br) wrote: This movie is kinda good. It relies on symbolism and works less as a movie and more as a puzzle. Though once you find all the pieces, I find It was thoroughly disappointing. The climax of the movie is centered around a painfully dull concept and integrates all of the mysteries quite conveniently. The movie blended genres very efficiently and I liked how flawlessly these sections go together. I do think it would have benefited if there wasn't title screens listing Part 1 and Part 2 in between each short. Otherwise The Nines is a failed effort but I still enjoyed the journey but not much of the outcome.

Caitlin L (de) wrote: I really didnt like this movie.

Ante P (kr) wrote: Excellent movie! Gives an insight into desert mentality, a bit artistic and unclear, so, you'd better enjoy that kind of works. And Angelina.Dear God, to kill for. I have never seen her so beautiful and breathtaking as in this one..Soundtrack, very good, just for post-rock lovers!

Moyao X (br) wrote: I thought it was a inferential film!But actually it's not

Private U (ru) wrote: Really impressive, although the film length may repulse at first, it never get boring. all the dialogues are amazingly written.

Chrisanne S (it) wrote: Masterpiece. Nobody makes them like this anymore. The characters are crafted carefully, and the questions are legitimate.

nefnie l (jp) wrote: Oh, how I love Powell and Loy; especially together. This is the fourth of the Thin Man series that I've seen, and so far, it was probably my least favorite. The formula is still there (mystery, comedy, and charm) and works quite well, but something felt off. According to Robert Osborne, this was William Powell's first movie in two years; as he had taken off for illness and the death of his beloved, Jean Harlow. Perhaps, he was off his game a little? It's still a delight to watch, as you can never go wrong with Loy and Powell.

ToMb W (au) wrote: give me a break its one of my first childhood movies, enjoyable and decent