Ghar Ki Laaj

Ghar Ki Laaj


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Ghar Ki Laaj 1960 full movies, Ghar Ki Laaj torrents movie

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Ghar Ki Laaj torrent reviews

Bobby C (ru) wrote: Great movie, a tense thriller throughout the entire film.

Sunil G (ca) wrote: One scene is all I could take before changing the channel

Nicholas W (jp) wrote: Dermot Mulroney is looking for transplant donor for his daughter. He's called Paul Stanton but I totally misheard the first time he said his full name, like Paul Stanley the singer from Kiss. So he ends up going to Mexico where he goes around asking everyone, "Where's Dr. Navarro?" I thought he should ring Jane's Addiction or something. Ha Ha Ha. Anyway it's okay I guess it kept my attention but you know it's like 75 minutes long so it's kind of short.

Desmond T (jp) wrote: The first 40 minutes had so much promise. Should have been made into a film short maybe.

Jay B (es) wrote: A very real drama... I just wish ANYTHING happened in it. This movie is just a boring slice of life.

Pin S (es) wrote: Good movie and brilliant performances by all actors..esp. Salman and Anil. The emotinal scene by Salman was excellent. Katrina also looked really good. The music is good and in my opinion it's a good entertainer and I really enjoyed it.

Mickey D (br) wrote: Dig it up, hole-hole, dig it...

Jonathan P (au) wrote: I shouldn't have enjoyed this as much as I did but Drew has a charisma that few actresses have and even with the silly story she is able to carry the film with just her presence.

Alexander K (mx) wrote: A solid action movie that moves the Die Hard formula onto a plane. I like to pretend this is Die Hard 2.

Mandy P (au) wrote: A wanna be Hitchcockian film that I think I'll avoid.

Beth Ann G (it) wrote: This film mixes camp and noir, so noir purists may not like it, but I enjoyed it. Loretta Young's character Ellen Jones does everything wrong. She dotes over her sleazy husband even when he turns maliciously unstable. She changes from doormat to victim when he accuses her and his doctor best friend (and her former suitor) of attempted murder. Jones spends the majority of the film vainly attempting to retrieve what becomes an increasingly incriminating accustation. Young starts out the picture of the perfect housewife only to descend into sweaty, hysterical desperation by film's end.

St A (nl) wrote: Typical SyFy/The Asylum film that gives something for Linda Hamilton & Jamie Kennedy something to do. With a plot that borrows heavily from Independence Day, combined with laughable CGI, the most painful thing to watch in this movie was the horrible acting of Mya.

Jackson S (nl) wrote: Ridiculously stupid yet surprisingly enjoyable.