Reflective documentary by Dutch admirers of the Indian director Ghatak.

Reflective documentary by Dutch admirers of the Indian director Ghatak. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel M (us) wrote: Very cool documentary about DC comic villains. 3.5/5

Chevy C (fr) wrote: Dragonball Z: Battle of the Gods, the first DBZ movie to be released in over 17 years, and the first DBZ movie I've seen in over 10... Yes like many kids in the late 90s, I grew up with DBZ and it was one of the first anime I've ever seen, but like most kid stuff, I grew out of it, so I'm not gonna lie, I was nervous when I bought this movie because I was sure it wouldn't hold out now that I'm an adult.... I was wrong. It not only holds out, it matured over time. The story is about a god named Beerus, who after waking up from his 50 year slumber, goes to Earth after having a premonition that he would encounter and take on a Super Sayan God, the most powerful Sayan form that no one has ever seen. Upon meeting Goku and his pals, he gets annoyed to the point that he chooses to destroy the Earth unless the Super Sayan God comes forth and defeats him in battle... The irony is that this isn't a Good vs evil movie, Lord Beerus isn't even a villain. He's nothing more than a bored God with a sense of power who feels that he can't be brought down by just anyone and simply wants to find someone of equal strength if not higher to challenge and defeat him, just like Goku. However, even when Goku is able to match up to him, he still can't beat him, and instead gives up and accepts defeat honorably, much to Beerus' earned respect for him. The movie showed one of my favorite characters of all time, a freakin man child like myself, growing up into a man, knowing when to quit and when to stop. The animation is the greatest ive ever seen, blending in CG with traditional hand drawn animation, it works great for the fighting and for the scenery, the best I've seen since Attack On Titan. The voice acting, superb. The story.. Loaded with filler, but it's DBZ, it's not surprising, but it's still well written and funny and action filled. There's no way to say it: this movie brought me back to that childlike state of joy and excitement, and may even reformed me into a DBZ fanatic. It's a masterpiece of animation in general, and I recommend all to watch and enjoy it, tho u will get confused if u don't follow the DBZ canon like me.Overall Rating: 10 out of 10!

Phil G (ru) wrote: The strongest point of this movie: The atmosphere.Its weakest point: The acting! For me the acting was a complete let down. Some of the performances were laughable. The actress playing the blind mother forgot she was playing a blind character at times. The lack of money was also omnipresent. Some scenes were either badly shot or edited sometimes leaving the viewer to a "What the heck" situation. The filmmaker is very very influenced by the Golden years of Italian horror. It could have been filmed in the seventies in Italy. The characters look like those you would find in an Argento or Fulci movie. The blind mother, the priest... Tomaselli also uses intensively sound to accompany cinematography again like Argento often did in the past. The question is how much is too much. The atmosphere, the storyline in this movie reminded me the highly superior Mexican film "Here comes the devil" unfortunately Torture Chamber lacks in talent and creativity. "Here comes the devil" was odd in a good way. TC is odd in a bad way.

Darrin C (fr) wrote: It's the same old Western revenge flick with under-done acting and a cast who doesn't make the movie feel as though it was set in the Old West save for the semi-decent sets. The murder of our heroine's family and her rape are a little hard to watch and I felt as though the revenge plot fell weak. This would've been better as a torture/revenge, like say the original Last House On The Left or I Spit On Your Grave with a 1880s Western style, but this cheaply done wanna-be loses in the long run.

Felipe F (jp) wrote: If the amazing songs were all that Once had, it would still be worth watching, but John Carney also delivers a powerful, mature and moving love story.

Wayne (jp) wrote: Bit slow to get into the story I think, and then it became just a little perverted. Good movie for its time though and great acting from Emily Lloyd.

James B (nl) wrote: If you thought boys in thr hood a d menace to society were awesome movies then give this a go. Awesome.

Dann M (us) wrote: Criminally funny, Police Academy delivers a lot of laughs. When a new mayor suspends the overly restrictive requirements for being a police officer, a group of oddballs and misfits take their shot at becoming officers by enlist in the academy. Starring Steve Guttenberg, G.W. Bailey, Michael Winslow, and Kim Cattrall, the casting is pretty good, with some hilarious performances. Still, the comedy is uneven and mixes slapstick with hard R sex jokes. But as flawed as it is, Police Academy gets the job done.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Thursday, May 1, 2014 (1976) Nightmare in Badham County DRAMA/ SUSPENSE Initially made for TV, but now available for rental with extra scenes that can give this film a "R" rating. Stars Deborah Raffin and Lynne Moody as college Co-eds Cathy Phillips and Diane Emery going on a road trip. They're then stopped, confronted and then harassed by a monstrous racist sheriff named Danen (Chuck Conners) who happens to be related to the judge and mayor which anyone with a brain would know that anyone family who have that much authority and connections of any city are going expect total abuse of proper authority. The atrocities depicted in this movie is reminiscent of many sleazy and cheap 'women in prison' films except that when viewers watch this, they're thinking they're going to see the two best looking actresses naked at some point and are going to see other girls naked instead, which is nothing wrong with that except that their not as good looking as Raffin and Moody which an obvious body double was being used on scene. The acting is quite atrocious with inconsistencies involving the amount of women outnumbering the sadistic guards and wardens which they could've taken over with a protest. And the ending was totally uncalled for too, giving viewers the assumption that it was based on fact which the idea may have derived from an actual incident, but that the actual inflictions are totally fiction. 1/2 a star out of 4

Ryan P (fr) wrote: Watchable, but just barely.

Kim B (au) wrote: More like lifeless. I really hate this style of film. Reminded me of another terrible french movie-Last Tango in Paris yuck! I couldn't even tell at first if he had really shot a cop or what. Only cool parts was shots of Paris and her hair. Pretty aimless movie with nonsense dialogue and lead characters. Boring, mostly them just talking in circles going from place to place with not much going on. They both seemed fool of themselves, immature, and pretty emotionless. The whole thing was a waste of time and I really couldn't give a crap about ending. Such a silly film trying to hard to be avant-garde and cool. I guess I would've had to be around during the time to understand it's uniqueness, but today its just dated bad.

Andrea H (mx) wrote: Horrible, horrible movie. Makes me want to become a vegetarian and join PETA all at the same time. Very sad plot. The backgrounds like the sunsets on Skull Island look very fake and manipulated. Would not want to watch this movie again, ever. Now donating to the World Wildlife Federation.

Suy L (es) wrote: They call me MR. TIBBS! Gotta see this, 'cause I love Sidney Poitier :D

Carrie G (us) wrote: Ladies if you have a close relationship with your father, get a box of Kleenex bc you're going to need it. This reminded me alot of my own relationship with my own Daddy and it's probably why I loved it so much. No matter how old we get we will still be his little girl. In this movie Amy and Clint have a close relationship in their past and both have a passion for baseball. She can't believe the audacity of her father! He just dumps her off on her uncle and abandons her when she needs him the most. Says he wants her to have a better life and get more opportunities than he can give her. So goes to college and becomes a successful lawyer. Makes partner at her firm. Her father will be so proud of her. Clint over the years has become one of the best scouts in the business. He feels himself getting older. Sure his memory isn't as good as it once was. His eyes are starting to fail him. He doesn't hear as well as he use to. That doesn't mean he can't spot a 100mph fast ball better than any of those computers and gadgets the young guys snapping on his heels to take his place can do. He remembers taking his daughter with him when he would go to away games looking for new talent. She was just a little thing but his wife had just passed and he was all she had. Why did she leave him of all people to raise a child? He didn't know how to be a father. He was gone most of the time scouting for work. He would make the best of it. Now his little girl was all grown up and a successful lawyer. He only had a small part in raising her but was grateful she turned out better than he could've done. So many memories..... then fate steps in one more time

Jesse K (es) wrote: I guess I can understand why most people find these types of films boring but I thought it was wonderfully interesting and engaging throughout. It entertains and it makes you think (even if you don't agree with everything).