Ghetto Physics

Ghetto Physics

Examines the interplay between Pimps and Ho’s and how that dynamic is the simplest expression of how power is wielded in the world. The film utilizes documentary footage, animation, satire and dramatization to illustrate examples culled from the Hood to Wall Street - be the players real-life pimps or corporate executives repeating the same power dynamics.

A blend of documentary, satire, and narrative filmmaking examines the power dynamic that exists in social, political, and corporate relationships. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ghetto Physics torrent reviews

Catine M (br) wrote: Joli mais pas non plus extraordinaire...

Benedikt F (fr) wrote: don't let the silly title fool you. this one is funny. really!

Sam M (it) wrote: Well executed for the amount of detail, shallow and deep.

Private U (es) wrote: It was only watchable because the acting was so bad. Its good to know that Zack Morris can still save the day though!

Benjamin L (ca) wrote: One of Ingrid Pitt's best roles

dear humans we h (jp) wrote: An amazing film. I love everything about it. To me, one of the best films ever. Not to be obsessed or anything :-D

CANDICE H (kr) wrote: one of the best i have scene.

Gus V (us) wrote: A love poem, really, to a place that has long since passed us by.

Wendy W (gb) wrote: Bambi's mom dies. hated Walt Disney

Jenny S (mx) wrote: je trouve ce film trop drle.... je ne compte mme plus le nombre de fois que je le regarde

Paul D (au) wrote: I can see why this has a low rating...the premise is quite ridiculous. That being said...I still managed to get sucked into this movie. This is not groundbreaking, but it is a good way to kill an hour and a half.

Lisa S (ru) wrote: Although it was interesting to see a movie where Mr. Hyde of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde is actually Jack the Ripper, this movie isn't as visually exciting as the story needs to be. Not enough blood and gore for me. Plus, Perkins was the only good actor in the movie. I did like the ending, though, but the rest of the movie needs more excitement.