Ghetto Stories

Ghetto Stories

In the streets of Baton Rouge, there are only two sides of the track. In the midst of a street war of South vs. North, Marcus Hatch (Lil' Boosie) and Jai 'Savage' Carter (Webbie) find themselves as rival drug dealers struggling to make ends meet. With the streets at war, someone must suffer the consequences. This movie centers on the personal challenges, setbacks, and dilemmas of street life. Keep an eye peeled for Nicole (Hoopz) Alexander, who plays Slimm's (Tyrin Turner better know as Cain from Menace II Society) love interest and medical student, rap stars Bun B and Paul Wall also appear in supporting roles, as well as cameos by Trill Entertainment's own Foxx, Lil' Phat, Lil' Trill, and Big Head.

With the streets at war, someone must suffer the consequences. Unaware that they are family, two young men from two sides of the track wage a war on with each other that eventually culminates in a strong union. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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RODNEY G (br) wrote: needed a better story to go on but it has a good cast and at times it is funny.

Lou M (kr) wrote: Beautifully directed. Heart-breaking performances. Perfectly captures the 70's and the conflicts of personal/sexual/familial "freedom".

C C (us) wrote: Recently saw this, on New YEars ironically. Really dug it. Total indie but really well done, great performances. Kept you wanting you know what was going on with everyone and where they'd end up by the end of the NYE party. Won't give away the ending... (double whammy really) but it sure will make you think. I ended up rewinding 2 a couple of places. My friend and I sat up talking about it for a while after, sparked a great conversation.

Bill T (de) wrote: I knew this was going to be good, had a gut feeling. Heck, it's better than Charly for pete's sakes. I liked what they did with the Flowers For Algernon story, went quite quckly to the operation (they didn't in Charly), wasn't too thrilled about the draggativity (I made up a word) of the second half though. Still, the movie put some new ideas into the story. I did like the Frankenstein references.

Tobse (ca) wrote: A very well researched movie about the death of the German Hacker Karl Koch. The movie director studied documentary film but made a perfectly balanced mixture between a documentation and a feature film. Worth to see!

Jake L (de) wrote: Daniel Stern's 5th best movie. So pretty much the 6th best movie ever made!

Drew R (br) wrote: A tragic and heartbreaking exploration of polyamory, friendship, and war. Incredible film by Truffaut as he builds upon the classic films of the early French New Wave.

Reginald V (es) wrote: Best cossack movie ever made!Best Yul Brynner movie! See glorious Ukrainians fight Poles!