Muthu Pandi (Prakash Raj), a village strongman, decides to marry Dhanalakshmi (Trisha), and begins his quest by eliminating everyone who opposes their union - starting with both her brothers. In desperation, Dhanalakshmi decides to escape from the village, and in the process is unwittingly assisted by a university Kabaddi player Velu (Vijay).

A village girl escaping a bloody family feud is sheltered by a city collegian . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ghilli torrent reviews

Norberto F (es) wrote: Awesome. Go places that are truly funny without relying on gross out humor. Great script.

Brian C (br) wrote: I dont want to expend any more energy on this.

Jeff B (it) wrote: I loved this, particularly the type-casting for The Talking Heads and The Ramones! It was so inspiring to see how a man who had a vision (and wasn't even sure where to start), was guided and supported, despite his own obvious faults and mistakes, and became an icon for the musical community! I knew that CBGB (originally intended to be Country, Bluegrass & Blues) gave birth to many great groups, but I did not realize how many!

Christophe C (es) wrote: Le meilleur du pire du torture porn. Nul, sale, 0.5...

Jordon J (es) wrote: It's been done before nothing very original. I say SKIP IT!!!

Alexander Z (br) wrote: Remarkably high production values for a movie of this kind. It's honestly very entertaining with a ridiculously high body count. The only real problem is a lack of any kind of memorable cast member.

Bill B (kr) wrote: The film that introduced me to Jesse Eisenberg, this one is really interesting, because Campbell Scott dances around the blatant hostility that some men have towards women while showing the young man that it's not entirely on him to impress a female; they have to impress him as well.Campbell forces the kid out of his shell and puts him in a position to be a decent person, or (God forbid) go the way his uncle has, turning his aggression towards women as a defense mechanism to keep everything aloof and cold.Great flick, recommended, would be a good double bill with In The Company Of Men, which is much more hateful. Dunno which one you should open with though...

Dimitris P (de) wrote: the part where the father "kills" the family is very very good.

jake r (ag) wrote: carnosaur 3 primal species was the least good but fun to watch movie thats about a group of terrorist that think they stole uranium but find out they stole 2 raptors and a t-rex that they get killed by so a group of anti-terrorist special forces has to go in to see what problem was when they then find out that their next task is to capture one of the dinosaurs and when that doesnt work theres only one solution freeze them and blow them upand so the problems with the movie was that the acting wasnt that good, the movie is even cheaper than the last 2 movies and they are so cheap that you can see some of the flaws but the movie is fun to watch

Isaac L (mx) wrote: I've always wondered who this film was made for. I guess as a kid I didn't get the whole cringey sexual humor thing, or the drunken reindeer thing. Now that I'm an adult however, I'm wondering why cringey sexual humor and drunken reindeer are funny.

Jakub M (ag) wrote: A perfectly-paced, painfully true and none the less funny story about art and how manipulative, misleading, inconspicuous, and, well, fatal it can be. Although I have always been a little skeptical of a Woody Allen movie without Woody Allen, Bullets Over Broadway teaches me to keep my skepticism on a shorter leash next time.

Cameron M (us) wrote: this movie and stephen king's it are the reason why i hate clowns. great movie, really wish it would be released again and stop be banned just cuz the director made a stupid desicion

Sylvester E (br) wrote: A film worth adding to your collection.

Jeff Z (de) wrote: The King of Cartoons/Star Trek's Dr. Daystrom is back as the black vampire Blacula in this cheaply made guilty pleasure. "Ironside" co-star Don Mitchell is the hero this time, Pam Grier, Michael Conrad and Pamela "Shakiest Gun in the West" Rhodes are along for the ride as they fight vampires, voodoo cult and bad production values. Still, how can you resist a movie with a title like this?

Kevin M (ru) wrote: Classic Movie! I enjoy this movie so much I watch it 3 or 4 times per year, it never gets old. A true classic that is not widly know . Watch it and you too will fall in love with it. A 10 Star movie!

Lane B (nl) wrote: The critics and audience were too harsh in their judgment of this film. Yes, it had problems -- really it was two movies in one -- but it was also witty in places, and Bill Murray was charming. FDR (Murray) and the King of England are two men with physical limitations (polio and stuttering respectively) who are running countries. A war is brewing and they must forge a friendship before the Nazis strike. The biggest issue is the choice of the narrator, FDR's mistress (Linney), which has nothing to do with the royal visit. It's a separate story.