A suspicious Baniya, Lal Lalu Langotia and a struggling singer, Vijay, are just two of Ekta Nagar's many faceted cosmopolitan residents who will find their lives changed forever. When a ...

A suspicious Baniya, Lal Lalu Langotia and a struggling singer, Vijay, are just two of Ekta Nagar's many faceted cosmopolitan residents who will find their lives changed forever. When a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ghoonghat torrent reviews

Jennifer B (us) wrote: Watching right now.............

Mani M (au) wrote: A catastrophic mess.

Ryan S (es) wrote: Snowmen was a great film! Lovable characters, important message. Perfect Christmas film for the family to enjoy!

Alex K (nl) wrote: My Favorite Western Film Is 1956's The Searchers.

Nicholas B (ru) wrote: A great cry. heart wrenching.

Ian O (us) wrote: First movie my Dad ever took me to and I remember I wanted to see some action movie instead. Well by the time the movie was over I was obsessed with Jimmy Chitwood and become a great high school basketball player in large part because of this movie. To this day my favorite sports movie of all time.

Paul F (jp) wrote: There's still a little bit of that [i]Star Wars[/i] nerd in me. No matter how much George Lucas desperately tries to ruin the memories of childhoods that he had so much influence on, I can't keep my eyes from welling up just a little when I hear the opening notes of the [i]Star Wars[/i] theme music. I know [i]Revenge of the Sith[/i] will suck. I know I'll come out of the theater complaining about how lousy the dialogue was and how plot points didn't make any sense. But I'll see it, because I am a sucker. (Still won't buy the altered DVD release of the first three, though. Nosiree.) It's the fanboy gene in me, and there's nothing I can do about it. So when Peter Mayhew shows up in the 1978 flick [i]Terror[/i], sans his Chewbacca costume, I giggled with the fanboy glee of a young Kevin Smith. He only has one line, but it comes at the end of a really intense scene, and the 8-year-old in me who still thinks George Lucas is a good man came out. Then I thought about how he was basically one of the stars of the [i]Star Wars Holiday Special[/i] and felt deep, deep pain. [i]Terror[/i] is directed by Norman J. Warren, a British horror director I've somehow found a way of ignoring up until now. If [i]Terror[/i] is any indication, however, I'll have to check out more of his stuff, starting with [i]Satan's Slave[/i], included on the same 8-pack of films from Rhino. The plot is pretty routine--hundreds of years ago, a family was cursed, and now one surviving relative, James, has shot a film about the bloody incident in the house it took place. After gathering with friends for a screening, the filmmaker's cousin Ann goes into a trance and attempts to stab the auteur with a family sword. She snaps out of it and everything seems fine, but soon enough, bodies start popping up all around her. Playing more like a giallo than a traditional slasher film (it was really too early to be influenced by [i]Halloween[/i]), Terror has a great, creepy atmosphere and some admirable setpieces, including the one with Mayhew, that bring it several notches above the norm. Unfortunately, like a lot of giallo films, it tends to be disjointed, jumping from character to character without much of a center. The two leads turn out to be the cousins, who are both too cold and suspicious to really care about. Everything around the two cousins, though, is lots of B-movie fun. James, for example, runs a film studio that acts as a home for low-rent softcore porn filmmakers, leading to a couple of funny moments involving directing porn actors in a bathtub. There's also a strange elderly diva who seems to be the headmistress of the Ann's house but appears so infrequently she counts more as comic relief than a red herring. Add to this Ann's place of employment, a seedy strip joint featuring a bizarre act where a short-haired albino woman strangles herself with a whip (!) and you've got drive-in movie gold. Okay, so [i]Terror[/i] never really adds up to the sum of its' parts, but when its' parts or such tongue-in-cheek smutty fun, who cares? The scares are there, there's sleaze to be had, and even if the ending is unsatisfying (the murders still seem to be pretty random), it's still worth checking out. And, hey, Peter Mayhew's in it.

Andrew D (ca) wrote: Don't know why, but I've always kind of liked this movie.

Steve D (br) wrote: Perfect movie. The acting is great and as an Adams fan I love seeing him take down president van b. who I hate

Eric A (it) wrote: Solid story, great sound and a decent art style excellent movie overall:)

Geoff J (ag) wrote: Painfully By the numbers...

Cherif N (fr) wrote: Nice. I always loved chef-ing movies.

Shawn S (ca) wrote: This re-edited American version has a faster pace and Raymond Burr is inserted into the film well but the end result is more or less the same.