Ghost House

Ghost House

They thought it was their dream home, but when the unseen residents showed up, those dreams went up in flames.

A young couple go on an adventurous vacation to Thailand only to find themselves haunted by a malevolent spirit after naively disrespecting a Ghost House. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (ca) wrote: Someone else compared this film to Movern Callar. I think that is the best comparison anyone could make. It's meandering existential brilliance.

Micah P (ca) wrote: A sweet and charming movie with some solid acting from the cast.

Sheila C (kr) wrote: Sobering indictment on the violence in modern society .pieced together is various story line. Stellar performances by a great cast

Bruno D (ca) wrote: Another highly underrated werewolf movie. Bad Moon is great. It's a very different type of werewolf film film then the other stuff that's come before it but it's a good kind of different. It's a werewolf film mixed with a dog movie but balanced out very well. The script overall is pretty good. The characters are interesting and likable and their whole family drama I found to be good character building as well as the dog Thor was a great character. The werewolf design itself is just excellent probably one of if not the best there is. The practical costume is just fantastic. It's big and violent just like a werewolf should be. The only down side to it is the pretty awful werewolf transformation that looks very artificial and doesn't hold up anymore. The good thing about it is the directors cut of the film which cuts out enough of it so that it doesn't look bad which is a huge plus. If you like or love horror movies or werewolf movies then I recommend this movie.

Abby T (br) wrote: Although this movie is a combination of a several rather cliche plotlines (i.e, a character sacrifices their morals for the sake of fame, a character is pushed into a life they don't want by demanding parental figures, a poor character rises out of the slums and becomes wildly successful...) the little things that Beyond the Lights did different make this a truly enjoyable watch. First of all, the portrayal of modern day pop culture/music business was dead-on, from the song material to the music videos to the clothing. Second, the romantic relationship between Noni and Kaz was downright adorable, despite its formulaic arc. The dynamic between Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Nate Parker was beautiful, excellent casting. And thirdly, the movie was so well-plotted, I can't think of one time I got bored or the pace slowed enough that I could get up and get food. I would recommend Beyond the Lights to anyone.

Jenn M (kr) wrote: Oh dear Lord, this was not Ina. good way either.Basically we have Halle Berry who is either really good in a role or really bad, this was the latter. Unfortunately she couldn't have made this story or writing any good anyways Hippie type, eccentric graphic designer sees something she isn't supposed to, dies, is brought back to life by magical cat, turns into cat woman, steals things, becomes "bad ass" and saves the world?yawn.

Andrew R (br) wrote: Great performance by Sean Penn. This Must Be the Place is a story about a former rock star named Cheyenne who is now lost and has nothing to keep him going. His father whom he doesn't speak to dies with a last wish to kill a former Nazi that tormented him years ago. Cheyenne decides to pick up where his father left off and kill the Nazi for him. On the search Cheyenne finds himself and realizes what he has at home is what keeps him going. Good acting and good underlying theme but the fil struggles to find this theme and seems to be lost for most of its running time.

Gd A (nl) wrote: I enjoy this type of Cultish fun Flick this and Trick or Treat are favorites of a simpler Slasher time. The Early Metal soundtrack and a Villain that is easy to grasp and Jeer , Fun for all on a Rainy October night.. Its not high art but its good fun..