Ghost Recon: Alpha

Ghost Recon: Alpha

Ghost Recon: Alpha sees a team led by Ghost Leader infiltrate a trade at a Russian depot between a general and a mysterious other figure.

Ghost Recon: Alpha sees a team led by Ghost Leader infiltrate a trade at a Russian depot between a general and a mysterious other figure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (mx) wrote: There are few movies that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. When you find one that touches your soul you cling to it and never forget it. The chemistry between Eastwood and Swank and Eastwood and Freeman is some of the best of the 21st Century.

Sarah F (de) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Gergely K (kr) wrote: M (C)g egy egyfilmes rendez' (C)s m (C)g egy tvar nagy trash. Igazbl az eg (C)sz annyirl szl, hogy vannak a hd alatt (C)l' szrnyek (C)s ezek terrorizljk a fiatalokat. A l (C)nyek eredet (C)r'l nem tudunk meg semmit, vannak (C)s k (C)sz, el kell fogadni, tovbb az sem vilgos mi (C)rt pont tiniket basztatnak, br az (C)rt gy sokkal szexibb mint ha csveseket ln (C)nek. Zene fronton ok (C)s a film (C)s a dgs 80-s (C)vekbeli ntk kiss (C) emelik a nem tl magas sznvonalat.

Jeffrey R (ca) wrote: This film has always been something of a paradox for me. It's easily the worst movie I've seen, but its absolute horridness finds some way to entertain.

Eric L (br) wrote: This movie is absolutely worth seeing, but man, prepare to be bummed out.

Harry W (br) wrote: Recognized as the first film to win an actress the Academy Award for Best Actress in a non-english speaking role, Two Women sounded like it would be interesting to check out.Unfortunately, my DVD copy offered nothing but an english dubbed version of the film with no subtitles so there was only so much of the films effect I could feel. Luckily enough, I felt that I got most of it.Two Women is clearly a very dated film, both in terms of technical aspects and subject matter because it has a very conventional visual style and when it comes to the handling of the story. Admittedly, it is an emotionally powerful film and still remains relevant today even though it would have been a lot more hard hitting back upon its original release date in 1960, mainly because it is such a purely nihilistic film. While the way that the film reverts between the focus on Cesira's relationship with her daughter and her attempts to make a life for herself can occasionally prove tedious because it is difficult to establish which one of them is the key plot in the film or what Vittorio De Sica is trying to say in the story, the film still remains a good one.Two Women is an imperfect film, and a lot of it can be attributed to the age of the film. As a tale about how the war affected people, its scale is too small and the general atmosphere of the film is lacking in enough tension to consistently remind audiences that the setting of the film is during WWII. It has some harsh moments, but it goes back and forth between occasional intense moments and an atmosphere which is rather laid back for the most of the first half of the film and a bit after. It really picks up in its second act, but the first one is not as impressive as it should have been. So it takes a while for the drama in Two Women to actually get going because the first half of the film does not have any consistency with how effective it is. But for what it's worth, it has some powerful moments.The atmosphere in the film is not perfect, but it ends up ensuring that Two Women shocks audiences with some powerful scenes. Due to Vittorio De Sica's intense dedication to the film and his clever story writing, he expresses what it takes to be fearless as a filmmaker. Vittorio De Sica really deals with the harsh reality of how war affected small communities in Two Women, specifically how it affects the relationship between a mother and a daughter trying to adjust to a war torn society. At any moment, the characters could have been killed and Vittorio De Sica realises that and uses it to harness the film. He captures a powerful atmosphere for the film which grows strong as the story progresses which ensures that it paces itself well over the course of its 100 minute running time. And while the film is not too deep, the actual subject matter that it deals with would have been a lot more hard hitting upon the time of its original release because it is a film which uses the confronting reality of damaging innocence, almost getting killed constantly and rape all to bring to the surface just how tense it is. The musical score in the film helps establish just how powerful this is and enters during the second half of the film when everything else is improving to join in. So while Two Women has a lot of characters but only manages to fit so much into its narrative without putting too much focus on the relationship between Cesira and her daughter Rosetta, despite the fact that it is arguably the best and most touching theme in the film. The film is built on themes more than it is on narrative because it is one of those films where not much happens and so what does it of serious importance, although the slow pace of the film and its age may make the effect of the film and render it a lot weaker than what it once was. But still, the general meaning of the film is all still there even if its focus is somewhat scattered, so it really is a good film at heart.It is mainly the acting skills of Sophia Loren which maintain actual consistent quality over the course of Two Women.Sophia Loren's leading performance is excellent. While the focus of her character is a bit all over the place at times, she constantly stays on the rightr track with her performance. She gets truly emotionally invested in the role and shares a powerful chemistry with Eleonora Brown to emphasize the relationship the two of them share. It never feels forced because Sophia Loren is able to take it on so easily as she can with the rest of the harsh subject matter in the film. She really plays out her emotions well, so much that even in a dubbed version of the film I was able to feel her acting skill shine through because you can tell how she projects the damaging experience through her physicality and facial expressions along, as well as being assisted by her line delivery. Sophia Loren steps into the role of Cesira with true integrity and acts with powerful determination and spirit in the part which makes it really easy to sympathize for her, and her compelling effort just grows better and better as the film progresses. Sophia Loren's leading performance in Two Women is top notch, and it earned her a well deserved Academy Award for Best Actress.Eleonora Brown gives a decent supporting performance as well. Although her character is played off without having precisely as much relevance as she should have, Eleonora Brown plays out her part well, mainly on the strength of her chemistry with Sophia Loren which has them sharing the tense mother-daughter bond which is pivotal to the understanding of film's concepts. She does a good job as well.So while Two Women is a dated film which moves slowly and has rather scattered focus without too much of a consistent narrative, it has the drama strike its viewers at the most unexpected moments and consistently rides the strength of an excellent leading performance from Sophia Loren.

Jo Y (us) wrote: Claudette is a good actress

Jayson G (jp) wrote: I'm a Dacascos fan, I want to see this.

Knox M (de) wrote: The worst Trek flick, Star Trek Nemesis is the first in a trilogy of Wrath Of Khan ripoffs.

Charles P (de) wrote: The exhilaration of learning and teaching, be it in school life or in the training of a wild kestrel, has rarely been captured more shrewdly or appealingly.