Ghost River

Ghost River

Sylvie is a hooker whose illegitimate daughter commits a crime. She and her daughter flee to find Sylvie's first love in the countryside. The daughter is trying to get to know her unwilling mother. Along the way, the two meet a male fugitive and bond with each other.

A prostitute and her teenager daughter, will have to run away after the girl stabs her mother's pimp. The woman will try to find her son, which she hasn't seen in 8 years. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monique Y (nl) wrote: This movie doesn't have good reviews but I loved it... not a popular subject, great dark somber performances, a momentarily lived fantasy that we all know wont survive time, a runaway from our daily lives and an honest attempt to escape routine, personality, destiny, inner thoughts, past decisions, frustrations, absolute boredom and who we are. Now, is there a soul who has never wanted this? There lies the beauty of this film!

DeAndre W (ag) wrote: Chuck norris and Arnold oh yeah baby im in.

Jordan K (kr) wrote: ...*sigh* Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer is terrible. Just terrible. This is the most kid-targeted movie I've ever seen, really! It feels like the film's literally written by kids, using terms as "thrilladelic" and "uber-awesome". It's not funny, too targeted for kids, and, quite frankly, embarrassing.Based on the somewhat popular kids' book series, Judy Moody isn't all that moody, just a brat. Summer is coming and she doesn't want it to be boring, but all of her friends are doing "cool" things like going to circus camp and some fictional tropical island (Yes, these are actual summer plans featured in the film). Judy gets upset over this while her parents go off to Florida to care for a dying relative. Their Aunt Opal (Heather Graham) watches them, but watches them for the ENTIRE summer. Judy's parents watch over this relative for an entire three months! Opal is kinda weird, she's a guerilla artist who acts like a 10 year-old. She reminds me of Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka portrayal, only not as annoying and the fact that Graham is hot makes the film a lot better. Anyway, Judy tries to make the summer fun with "fun points", as one is rewarded with 10 fun points every time a thrill is done. These thrills include a crapload of slapstick scenes, including riding a roller coaster, seeing a scary movie, and tight roping, all ruined by Judy's nerdy friend Frank. The subplot of the movie is about Judy's little brother Stink, who won't give up on proving Bigfoot is real by catching him. Judy is a non-Bigfoot believer but when she realizes that if she catches him, she will be famous, she and Stink try to catch him, which is the main story of the last 40 or so minutes. ANOTHER subplot is that Judy and Frank try to find their teacher, Mr. Todd, who says during the summer he will be going someplace cold (which turns out he works at an ice cream shop during the summer. This is bad. Very bad. It's a ripoff of the successful Diary of a Wimpy Kid films, only for girls instead of boys. And let me tell you, Judy Moody is nothing but girly. It's not funny, not entertaining, and, man, is it for kids. That rounds it up, I guess. 'Nuff said.

Leandro D (de) wrote: Such a great collection of true stories. A dark comedy with beautiful portraits of an era of horror in Romania.

Assya A (de) wrote: love it so much, very interesting. and the acting is very good

Samit B (ag) wrote: I'm in love with Nazi Zombies! :D

Bruce B (de) wrote: something very unique..really liked this alot. in my opinion it had a Tim Burton type feel to it. really, REALLy liked the art direction in this one. Lots of great visuals. The lead actress in this film really stood out and resembled Natalie Portman,if Natalie Portman had a Spanish accent...Check this one out..pretty good stuff!

Miell W (gb) wrote: Funny enough. Didn't have me laughing out loud much but had an interesting style. Worth watching.

Elise L (de) wrote: Ils taient pris entre deux eaux.. On veut vous en montrer, mais en meme temps on veut pas vous choquer trop trop, ce qui donne un film ou merde on voit une fille se faire frapper, pleurer, ensuite se faire frapper et pleurer, manque de contenu, il aurait fallu miser plus sur la solitude de la petite enfant martyre et du silence qui entourait le sujet au village pour peut etre meme totallement dlaisser la violence au lieu d'essayer de faire un entre deux qui marche pas..

Jonathan D (es) wrote: I just watched this again. It's an 80's classic! I can't make up my mind if I like it better then Mad Max either way, both are great films.

Grayson D (mx) wrote: Effective and creepy 50's sci fi horror.

Greg W (de) wrote: The life of the famous Mexican bandit and revolutionary is told in this exciting action drama.

Silvia P (jp) wrote: Neither bad nor good. Entertaining

Rosa A (gb) wrote: want to see the movie

August C (kr) wrote: An awful attempt to cash in on another Disney character. A film that is boring and so watered down for children, anyone over the age of eight will be bored to tears.