Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

A collection of four Japanese folk tales with supernatural themes.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ocean,   snow,   spear,  

This film contains four distinct, separate stories. "Black Hair": A poor samurai who divorces his true love to marry for money, but finds the marriage disastrous and returns to his old wife... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ghost Stories torrent reviews

Tania C (it) wrote: is this movie based on the short story by Shirley Jackson? disturbing little story but a very good one

Jessica S (de) wrote: Dinner and a movie with my <3 We shall see what we gain from this movie, lol. Hope its a goodie.

Phil N (it) wrote: Chapter 1 of the epic Japanese live-action manga adaptation is a rollicking action-adventure! There's a killer virus on the loose and a religious cult on the rise led by the mysterious 'Friend' - as predicted in the Book of Prophecies which Kenji and his friends wrote when they were kids. Throw in Kenji's baby niece who the cult want to kidnap and a giant robot, and you've got all the elements for a great time-jumping sci-fi adventure. Lots of characters, lots going on, and it keeps you hooked for Chapter 2 - 20th Century Boys rocks!

Logan M (br) wrote: "Knowing" starts out with an astounding premise that ultimately falls apart due to the plot's frantic and absurd final half-hour and senseless twist ending.

Jonah R (de) wrote: Pretty good movie, but the screenplay lost focus in the last 3/4 which derailed an otherwise excellent setup.

Alan G (mx) wrote: I thought this was a good example of people organizing to fight for working conditions that they deserved from the get-go. however, i felt the film had a very "highschool film project assignment" feel to it, and i would have honestly liked to hear what the "other side" of the protest had to say at any given time.

Beau M (de) wrote: Everyone has that one movie that they love that no one else likes for whatever reason, this movie has decent acting an annoying kid and the werewolf is not all that great but for being a low budget movie not bad, but the real star of this movie is the German Shepherd!!! This movie for me is a true guilty pleasure!!!

James H (jp) wrote: Cheesy sci-fi made for television crap. It plays like it was hoping to become a TV series. Not very well acted. The plot is far fetched and unconvincing. Not very good. There are a couple of good action sequences but that is about it.

Martin P (ca) wrote: Funny and repulsive... What's not to like...?

Naoya K (gb) wrote: Raped by the studio, but still elegant.

Danny M (kr) wrote: This is rubbish. Don't see why it is so highly thought of as a classic. It's boring as hell. Really dull and bad acting for most actors. Plus it's really cheesy and gay

Robert A (es) wrote: Not fine.Whilst well filmed and acted. the story line was too illustrative of the more unpleasant aspects of the Australian male character; happily much less evident today.