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Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Movie torrent reviews

Peter K (ag) wrote: Despite outstanding performance from Jacky Cheung and Tang Wei, there was hardly any chemistry between the two lovers:- a wimpy failure to launch mama boy and a strong will independent migrant with no immediate family in HK ??except they share a common interest. One simple explanation maybe age difference- the guy just looks too old and the girl looks too young. The supporting actor and actress (including the dog) end up stealing the show

Maria L (mx) wrote: well i always have liked movies with johnny but this documentary looks great cause brando was a great godfather!!!

Aby S (gb) wrote: Well, I certainly did not expect that on the movie.. but was a good one though. Life can be so fucked up.

Greg W (ru) wrote: great family drama pena and ferrara have a good chemistry

Jake M (au) wrote: This is the kind of stuff Jack Black should be doing now! I didn't see this movie until about year ago and it was a really fun film! The kid actors are great, the comedy is hilarious, and it's absolutely entertaining! I would watch this over and over again.

Alanna Q (ag) wrote: First time I heard Pere Ubu and the Smithereens was in this film, the plus was that Lords of the New Church were on here with Kiss of Death. The movie's loosely based on a crime in Texas involving the Legion of Doom

Alexandra P (br) wrote: Had nothing better to do, I was sort of sleeping with my eyes open. Very very sketchy plot, almost like a very short story decided to make itself into a movie, very predictable and somehow hard to believe (I mean, come on, you would think that in a posh building like that you cannot have an excon as concierge and the residents have to pass all sorts of hoops to get a flat there).I liked the detective though.