Ghost Town: The Movie

Ghost Town: The Movie

Dean Teaster's GHOST TOWN "The Movie", is a unique "Eastern" Western. It is N.C. native Dean Teaster's tribute to his father Robert Doyle Teaster and "Ghost Town In The Sky" theme park. The...

Dean Teaster's GHOST TOWN "The Movie", is a unique "Eastern" Western. It is N.C. native Dean Teaster's tribute to his father Robert Doyle Teaster and "Ghost Town In The Sky" theme park. The... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ghost Town: The Movie torrent reviews

Gavin S (jp) wrote: The best thing about this movie is its name (its the reason I watched it). I'm still confused about the storyline.

Barbara W (de) wrote: Harsh Times was a waste of my's movie to much bad language.

Nicholas L (ru) wrote: This movie starts out in the fast lane with so many laughs and comedy tropes, that by the time it's slowed down a bit, you've discovered that you've been drawn into quite a touching tale. Nicely done!

Bruno C (de) wrote: I had caught glimpses of this film, and certainly intrigued me with some fantastic cinematography and set designs.Now that I've seen the whole movie, it's a very quirky indie film. Michael Pitt does a great job portraying Chep, an idiot-savant/autistic young fellow that lives in a prop house, taken in my the pothead owners. All the kid does is live and work in the prop house, and only leaves to see classic movies. He ends up becoming infatuated with a movie art designer that walks into the shop, and ends up finding odd props she needs for a film shoot she's working on. There's also some interesting Ray Harryhausen-type effects for Chep's delusional episodes talking with props coming to life, among other day-dream surreal sequences (interestingly enough the director is the nephew of David Cronenberg). Great references here, from Ed Wood's movie star/wrestler Tor Johnsen, Harryhausen, classic movie musicals/romances...Basically this is a story of loss of innocence, of someone living a sheltered imaginary existence clashing with "reality". It ends up being a very light, strange, funny's a great debut for director Aaron Woodley and great cast to support is as well...a beautiful film to watch.

Mark H (us) wrote: not that interesting, it only got better once on the mountain

Jerry F (mx) wrote: I remember seeing this as 'top billing' on Bournemouth Westover Road's cinema strip in 1974. It wasn't until almost 40 years later I managed to see the un-cut version from Russia. And I couldn't believe how much had been 'cut out'. No wonder I thought the original was 'tame' !

Lee A (mx) wrote: I love this movie since I was a kid. This movie is outstanding!

Greg W (gb) wrote: A simple tale about Dog butchery, bullying, American imperialism and Korean bigotry.

Cornell W (fr) wrote: Would have been a five if it wasn't for the Kevin Bacon's wife problems story.

Zane U (es) wrote: There's a lot going on here, and none of it is happening on the surface. We are given a frustratingly unidentifiable protagonist who exhibits symptoms of a disease that, for all intents and purposes, doesn't exist. She never quite figures out what is ailing her in the same way that we, as an audience, never quite figure out what to make of this film. I can appreciate it for being unsettling, but only to a degree, since I cannot say that I overall enjoyed this film.

Jillian L (kr) wrote: This could have been so good. It really could have. Funny premise, great ensemble cast, all that good stuff. But for some reason, this still falls short. Like I said, the premise is hilarious. The mega-church aspect of society is a really interesting one to explore, and this movie does do a good job of poking fun, while walking the fine line of not truly offending anyone. As mentioned, this is an impressive gathering of actors. Here's the thing; individually, they are all great. Greg Kinnear as the bumbling middle aged born again Christian, Jennifer Connelley as his wife, an ultra Christian. (the part where she said she had a sword, the sword of the spirit, I died.) Pierce Brosnan as the pastor, they were great. But, Jim Gaffigan and Marisa Tomei' characters, although funny in their own right, really, for me, were not needed in the story at all. Basically, this ensemble never really fit together, like they were all puzzle pieces from different puzzles. Then, after awhile, the characters just start to become really annoying. Lastly, it didn't know when and where to end. It just kept spiraling downward, and never really bottomed out, it just kind of stopped. Oh well. In the end, I just wish it could have been better.

Michael M (au) wrote: The best thing I can say about this movie is that it's very good. It's not breaking any ground, it's acting isn't of the walls incredible, and the direction isn't anything to write home about, if I were to say that any of it was even a little bad, I'd be lying. The first 2 movies in Raimi's trilogy are significantly better, but in a world where Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad are allowed to be things, this movie definitely deserves to be shared with the world.

Adam H (nl) wrote: worst movie of all time and that is being kind to this piece of shit