Ghost Variety

Ghost Variety

Tom Penlert, a director for horror programs on TV who wants to be noticed as a professional director. Along with his amazing buddy Tik The Star and incredible staff, he produces a TV show called "Ghost Variety", a show that dares your belief of supernatural events. The Ghost Variety team ventures to every risk and horrible locations where known as haunted places to hunt and capture ghosts, and then on-air the event to the audiences. Their spooky tasks seem tough, but lots of fun indeed.

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Dave W (jp) wrote: I generally like foreign films, but not this one. Filippino and young kids. The lead male is 15 years out of high school and the female lead was 16 years old two years ago.I was ready to walk out when a lady's cell phone rang and she answered it. I walked. I gave the movie an hour waiting for it to get better, but no joy.

Rick V (it) wrote: Korean movie with a trio of odd SciFi stories

Steven V (it) wrote: For the uninitiated, Barbie Hsu plays Grace Wong, an engineering genius, worked into the plot such that it would be reasonable for someone of her calibre to craft a makeshift phone from spare parts. Compared to the more elderly version of the damsel-in-distress played by Kim Basinger, Barbie Hsu brings forth a more energetic interpretation. The remake counterparts held their own in contribution to the movie. While we don't have a Jason Statham as the no-nonsense baddie henchman, we do get a more charismatic Liu Ye as the chief villain, and in spite of hiding his face behind shades most of the time, he does send enough fear to the opposition, and makes quite a fine villain, although not particularly a memorable one. There are enough material here to have three concurrent narrative points of view running along, with that of the captive, the seeker, and the meddler, where Nick Cheung's off duty cop PC2004 had more to chew on, compared to his Hollywood counterpart. The action scenes here were a little throwback to the 80s Hong Kong cop shows where heroes and villains get to duke it out in old school fashion in the final act, without police intervention until the show's literally over, but there were a couple of stunts that raised a few eyebrows. Connected surpasses Cellular in its intensity, frustration, and the leads, while almost never sharing the same scene together, individually made themselves very believable as the damsel-in-distress, and the knight in shining armour. Benny Chan adds a whole lot of fresh air to his filmography with this effort, even if it's from remake territory and adopting the same way to close the credits, but does an excellent job out of it.

lter S (ru) wrote: Amare e la vita come in reale...

Sylvester K (kr) wrote: No moon to be seen... Bloody Moon is one of the video nasties garnered notoriety from the BBFC, the gratuitous nudity and violence definitely made it a suitable candidate. The subject matter was also very dark, it is one of the rare video nasties I'd consider as a worthy candidate. Deserves a watch for blood thirsty horror fans.

Alan Torres Dwyer B (us) wrote: The definite best in the showa series, only topped by the original. Great monsters, great fights, and a really good plot for this sort of movie. Like everybody else, I especially love the final battle between the three titans: Godzilla, King Ceasar and Mechagodzilla!

Andrey B (fr) wrote: A serious, powerfully acted drama from the 70s by John Huston, the predecessor of such films as Barfly. One of those powerful films about boxing where the focus is not boxing itself but rather the life of boxers which in many cases is more interesting than their boxing achievements.

Simon V (nl) wrote: "Do as little possible you can"... Not pessimism, but a melancholic cynicism, reflected by its music, as if the hero had fallen into a trap, hoping things had changed.