A woman who is mourning the love of her life falls into a relationship with a mysterious stranger.

Still grieving and off balance due to the death of her love, a German lesbian artist discovers she has attracted a mysterious, but sexy Taiwanese journalist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yoshi S (us) wrote: It was a cute and wonderful dramedy! Luke Treadaway played street singer and recovering drug addict James unbelievably fantastic! His performance was natural and comical! and REAL BOB played Bob himself! and he was really adorable and purrrfect! But some scenes were little disturbing and not for small children... Ruta Gedmintas, Anthony Head and Caroline Goodall (Schindler's List) did nice supporting role. Roger Spottiswoode (007 Tomorrow Never Dies) directed Tom Hanks's Turner and Hooch before, so he directed Bob really great! and real James Bowen did special cameo appearance! Climax was heart warming and street cat Bob saved James's life! It was a nice small movie from UK!

Andruw F (us) wrote: The kids will love it, but adults will not. The penguins are still cool as ever, but they can't carry a movie by themselves. There's hardly any laughs, and most of them were spoiled in the trailer. The TV show was even a little better because it was shorter segments. The ending is really weird too. Like, really weird. Especially for a kids animated movie.

Daniel K (kr) wrote: 3: Given that this is a Takashi Miike film and that is a remake of the famous Hara-Kiri, I was actually surprised at how subdued the bloodshed was. He plays this down for the most part and plays up the more melodramatic elements of the story. It is doesn't live up to the brilliance of the original but it is a worthy attempt. The structure isn't quite as formal and the revenge not as savory. Coming off the virtuosic elegance and explosive power of Miike's 13 Assassins, this was actually a bit of a disappointment. Still, very worthwhile reimagining. Hard to imagine this kind of life of poverty, but Miike brings us pretty close.

Sara B (au) wrote: I am a sucker for any kind of dance movie and I like this one. Amy Smart is beautiful. Caroline Rhea is funny. The soundtrack is catchy. Billy Zane plays the perfect prick, as always.

Graham M (us) wrote: Neil Gaiman does Labyrinth, with stunning visuals but a story that starts too slow and finishes too quickly.

Luc L (gb) wrote: The films deals with acceptance. The main character Jeff Gerber a white family man who is a bigot. He wakes up one morning to find that he became black.

Sherief A (es) wrote: Tension in the room.

Riley O (ru) wrote: It's long, yes, but the story, music, scenery and the characters will all keep you entertained and make it only feel like two hours, rather than three and a half.

Jayne L (es) wrote: Not as good as the first or Christmas but still worth watching

Isaiah H (es) wrote: Funny, smart and excellent