Gift Girls

Gift Girls

Three women are secretly plush prostitutes. They are successively called by a mysterious person to have sex with three different men and assuage their weird fantasies.

Three women are secretly plush prostitutes. They are successively called by a mysterious person to have sex with three different men and assuage their weird fantasies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos G (de) wrote: I watch these with my kids and mostly always find them good. This did not do much. To be honest we didn't even finish watching.

Ed C (kr) wrote: One line summary: Fools slaughter each other on a space station.One star of five; three black holes for acting, screenplay, and SFX.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terran Special Forces versus Allied Airborne on a space station, whatever that might mean. Humans are being turned into zombies, sort of. These zombies are not weaker; instead, they are quicker, stronger, smarter, and less and less vulnerable to weapons as they get older. The zombie transformation is accomplished by programmed nanobots, not viruses or bacteria or radioactive substances. There are androids as well as humans and zombies. The protagonist, Helen, is an android who wakes up after a memory wipe. Half an hour in, I've got context, more or less. Throw in a solar cannon that creates wormholes through time. Right, why not? There's a mission to protect the cannon from the wrong people. Just what the 'real' mission is, is a bit wobbly. Throw in references to scripture. What scripture? Written by whom? Just what do these people eat or drink? Where to they get their energy? (No solar panels on the space station, no nuclear generator. Hm.) When did gravity generators get invented? The people walk around on the space station as if it were a building on Earth. Will the final mission be accomplished, so that scripture will be fulfilled? That seems to be the question.------Scores------ Cinematography: 7/10 Mostly good, but loaded with bad framing choices. Sound: 5/10 Poor. Acting: 0/10 Non-existent. Screenplay: 0/10 Boring, absurd, almost context free. SFX: 0/10 Beyond bad. Done by people who have no acquaintance with physics, or just hate it. The CGI is ridiculous for the most part. Blood effects are entirely laughable.

Farah R (nl) wrote: There's nothing particularly special about this romantic comedy.

John Y (gb) wrote: Saw it because of the reviews. Wasn't impressed.

locus standi y (au) wrote: hw family members react according to situation..

Marika G (ag) wrote: Toni Collette on yksi mun lempparinyttelijist. Ja kerrankin leffa sihteereist ;-)

Holas (gb) wrote: who allowed Milano to do this sequel

Sherry L (jp) wrote: In this documentary by Nick Broomfield about Aileen Wuornos, USAs most infamous female serial killer, he first meets her lawyer, Steve Glazer (former musician) and then her since recently adoptive mother, Arlene Pralle. Arlene Pralle has a horse farm and after an accident some while ago when she got kicked by a horse her doctor told her it was the love of God going through her as a channel towards Eileen Wuornos that saved her life (even though she had never met her...). So Arlene hired then Steve to handle the adoption of Aileen Wuornos. Arlene claims to have a very tight relationship with Aileen and she promises an interview with Aileen. Arlene demands 25 000$ before even speaking to Nick Broomfield, and when being interviewed she repetedly asks about the money. Another appointment is planned and Nick goes to Arlenes farm to complete the interview. Arlene then wants to raise the sum with 10 000$. When Nick asks her about the raise she only refers him to Steve, who now is not only Aileens lawyer but Arlenes agent. Arlene and Steve convinced Aileen to change her plead from not guilty to guily, and Aileen agreed only cause she thought her sentence would be lower if she did so, but it works just the opposite. Steve took his guitar and played Iron Lady to Aileen afterwards to cheer her up. Suddenly Arlene refuses to complete the interview next time Nick visits and threatens to call the police if he dont leave, even though he has already paid her half the money in advance. In the end finally they get the interview with Aileen Wuornos which really is the highlight in this documentary. This shows a very nice and honest woman, despite all the horrible things shed done she is also a victim (which do not justify the things she did by all means) in many ways. She tells frankly that Steve and Arlene are "money hungry" people, she got problems with but she doesnt want to explain that further in front of the camera. But then she says it was mainly Arlene who convinced her to change her plead to guilty cause Arlene was tired of attending to trials and she told Aileen that she must give something for the people that make movies about the case. And both Arlene and Steve had suggested that Aileen should kill herself in the institution, and given her some ideas. The most shocking with this movie is that Aileen Wuornos the serial killer, is the most decent person in this whole movie. It really sickens me that people take advantages of a death doomed person, like this to make money. I dont buy Aileens claims that it was just selfdefence. Definately not. And Im also sure that the judges felt a great pressure to sentence this woman to death after all the attention from media, and to set a kind of an example. I cant say if Aileen would have gotten a different sentence if she hadnt changed her defence, but I think she would have better odds.

Neil A (us) wrote: Fine horror by two legends

Orlok W (jp) wrote: Anthony Perkins invents crack cocaine and goes psycho once again--Perkins at his lunatic best!!

cody f (ru) wrote: It's Rear Window meets The Hitcher (the 80's version), except it's not near as good. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I was 8, but I doubt it for the following reasons. The lack of blood, violence, tension, and nudity would have been a real problem for young Cody. Plot meant nothing to Young C,violence & nudity was everything, and this movie was more like a TV movie of the week than a slasher thriller. A star was added because of the WTF ending. Also watching anything like this with Scott and Keith in the same room makes anything fun and enjoyable.

Greg W (jp) wrote: good chick flick inspite of some huge plot holes it's still watchable

Jude P (de) wrote: Powerful thriller, sure has it's impact felt.

Paul D (mx) wrote: Watchable movie, sometimes slow, with underdeveloped characters. It's slightly predictable but the production values are fine.

Logan M (nl) wrote: Adding onto "A Fistful of Dollars," "For a Few Dollars More" brings just as much excitement and style to the genre.