Gift of the Magi

Gift of the Magi

A newlywed couple burdened with economic hardship decides not to exchange Christmas presents to save money over the holidays. Secretly, they make sacrifices to buy the other a special gift.

Newly wed true lovers Jim and Della Young can barely afford moving into to their new apartment, especially when the second-hand car breaks down. They agree not to buy Chrismas presents that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gift of the Magi torrent reviews

Jay B (mx) wrote: Wowza... this one is different. I cheer if for its camp, but jeer it for its acting.

Angela V (es) wrote: Creative and gory movie! I enjoyed watching it!

Iain B (ag) wrote: Certainly not amazing but not bad

Kylie B (jp) wrote: The storyline itself is pretty generic - nothing you won't have seen outside other films in vaguely the same area like Memoirs of a Geisha and Moulin Rouge, only with more graphic sex (it is the nature of the Oiran after all). What made this special for me was the stunning way it was shot, with bright colours, an eclectic mix of modern and historical elements in costume and set, and a few experimental or unusual shots. Kiyoha's character seems pretty modern, or at least not in any way meek, which is refreshing but not really automatically endearing - that comes later. Those of you who want to see this, be prepared to be there for the long haul. I wouldn't call it dull, but the plot isn't especially action-packed.

Logan M (de) wrote: "The Fountain" might be a little confusing, but by the end, everything should be made clear.

Pete H (gb) wrote: guys they tried their best...

Samuel M (mx) wrote: Una de las mejores pelculas blicas que se han hecho jams.S, es cierto que su mensaje es demasiado yankee (algo curioso viniendo un director ingls), pero su factura es sobervia. Una realizacin fantstica, una edicin frentica; a pesar de ser algo catica. Una ristra de personajes interesantes, a pesar de ser todos clichs unidimensionales.Es curioso adems ver la gran cantidad de actores que eran desconocidos en este momento y lo grandes que seran despus (Tom Hardy, Ty Burrell,...).Una pelcula para los amantes de la accin.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Anthony E (es) wrote: Despite William,Stephen, Alec or whichever Baldwin brother it is, having the acting capability of a Orangutangs left testicle, I really enjoyed it!

Patricia P (it) wrote: the story of Patsy Cline

Greg B (us) wrote: Best Moosehead beer commercial I've ever seen.

Kevin H (gb) wrote: This is an interesting little oddity from the 1970's. I'd never seen a killer worm film before nor do I think I ever will again but this was actually a fairly decent horror film with a somewhat wild plot. The final scenes of the worms attacking the house are quite chilling and there are also several other memorable moments including worms literally eating their way through a poor man's face. Not for the squeamish but certainly worth a watch for those prepared to deal with the onslaught.

Philip W (it) wrote: In the first version of this story preceding the more popular Yul Brynner/Deborah Kerr collaboration as well as the Jodie Foster/Chow Yun-Fat version from a couple years ago, Anna and the King of Siam follows the story of an English school teacher sent to Siam to teach English and culture to the King's children. Predictably, she ends up educating the king himself the most. In a series of mishaps, hijinks, and cheap linguistic faux-pas, the king fumbles his way through contemporary American history ("Lincoln doesn't use elephants?!"), table manners (he forgets to give his guests napkins at a fancy dinner or to use his spoon for the soup) and social graces (he calls a particularly ugly woman an "anecdote"). In the ridiculous cinematic tradition of the time of employing white actors as Asians a la Katherine Hepburn in Dragon Seed, Rex Harrison and his black eyeliner-created slanty eyes plays the king and, even more out-of-place, Lee J. Cobb plays his deputy. Irene Dunne saves her character with one of her usual graceful, dependable performance and Gale Sondergaard manages to rise above the inherent stereotyping provided by her makeup and dress to turn in a quietly exceptional, Academy Award-nominated performance as the king's first wife, Lady Thiang. The scene in which she explains the murals is a touching moment in a film largely made up of Dunne's reaction shots to Harrison's buffonery. Interestingly, Sondergaard, whose visage was apparently the inspiration for the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, famously rejected the role of the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz upon learning that the witch would be "ugly".Linda Darnell as one of the king's wives, who is burned at the stake as a cautionary tale to others, is seductively serviceable.

Steven C (it) wrote: boring boring boring. not funny.

Spiros P (gb) wrote: Second viewing better than first. Excellent well told story with dramatic nuance. Great acting. Superb and underrated. Watch this. -- Watch Any Way You Can NOW!