In a minor town the morose manager is primarily responsible for the bad atmosphere of a restaurant. But central for the plot are three persons: a male waiter who is never named (here called W), the female waiter Anna, and "the count", a self-invented nickname by a man cleaning plates. The count is skilled in making others do what he wants. Half a dozen of the personnel assist in a poorly planned and failed attempt to liberate a man whom the police move from one arrest to another. The event involves stealing a motorcycle and threatening policemen with a gun. Anna strongly tries to make contact with W. Finally it turns out that she need his help to break her sexual relation to the count, a relation that from her part is not motivated by positive feelings. W rejects her attempts. And then Anna has suddenly gone. She has got a pleasant job in another town. And then W's feelings awaken.

In a minor town the morose manager is primarily responsible for the bad atmosphere of a restaurant. But central for the plot are three persons: a male waiter who is never named (here called... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David H (kr) wrote: The Bugle eating vignette IS Capitalism.

David J (au) wrote: 0 man it really crap.

Prashast S (it) wrote: Indian cinema witnesses films like KRRISH 3 once in a year. Since KRRISH was a cool entertainer and a superhit film, there were similar expectations around this sequel of KRRISH. The first look and promo were quite impressive, which added to the curiosity for the film. Still, I had a feeling that this film might not be a great one since its promo looked copied. After watching this film I realized that I wasn't wrong in thinking that Krrish 3 wouldn't be able to match up with Krrish, the first part. The excessive romantic scenes, pointless music and story don't leave anything much special for the audience, but technically, the film is good. Otherwise it is just an average attempt by the makers. The fights, VFX and Locations are good. Hrithik is once again back in form. He proves himself superior to other actors with his awesome performance. Priyanka and Kangana don't have much to do on screen. Even Vivek Oberoi looks exaggerated as the villain Kaal. The comedy of Rajpal Yadav doesn't have much scope for this time. The VFX has made Krrish look new and entertaining, as a superhero. Thanks to SRK whose VFX company has made it look like a master film, although it is not really like that. The emotional scenes are necessary for any film but the film didn't have them much. I would not really appreciate the makers for making such an average film with good action, VFX but a completely disconnected story and bad music. This doesn't anyhow mean that KRRISH 3 is a completely poor flick. The film is at best an average film (not even above average) which is watchable in parts. In the entire film, I liked only the climax action scene, and the interval scene. In other words, the film remains watchable only when it's first half and second half are about to come to an end! The film is although rated U, yet there are a few parts not suitable for kids. There is an overdose of blood and gore, there are a few kisses, and a few things I will not reveal. On the whole, Krrish 3 is a film that can be watched by all, but will be relished mostly by kids. An average film overall! Bottomline: Not an impressive film, but yet go in with low expectations, and the film will make you sit through. Rating: 2.5/5

Galvy F (ca) wrote: Open world, open world, open screenry. Open lodging when its free and open freely travel. Taking in the open space, open waters, open kitchens, tourist attractions and open entertainment we cant help but be open. Open gossip, open celebrations, open eyes to not miss out on anything. When we are open about anything, when we are upfront with what we want. When we are open with our views when we know what we want and like. When being open it has its advantages and disadvantages when both are openly - closed in different ways. When opening a bottle of wine we naturally are more open. When open mindedness is whom we are, when we are not judgmental. When we are not open in other ways when our stomach is not so open to the idea. When we are open, when we have a poetic soul. When we see the world with eyes wide open, we are open to just about anything. When we like a person whom is like an open book, that wouldn't mind closing one chapter for another if the open opportunity presents itself. When we are the Centre of attention, we have an open floor to perform. When we have opened up too much to open wide the deal. When our mind races and our eyes are wide open and awake that we can't get some people off our mind. When others are open to the idea of being together forever and staying close, but we have doubts. When we like the open space and openness, we naturally are open to the thought of staying. When in Barcelona, there are plenty fun things like open parks to enjoy. When we are opening a whole new world and life we never explored, that we thought we would be the one. When we are openly just lying, to get those away and create an open road with others. When we are preparing for opening gifts, we just can't accept. When opening our heart and soul, we are open to love or sex. When we are closed minded when others are opening up about others. When we speak a different language and not quite open to everyone knowing what we say. When we are open to different languages but not the sound of someone else speaking it. When we are open to company, but not open marriage. When we don't trust we naturally open up a can of worms and luggage to see whom this person says, whom she says she is. When we are naturally the Centre of attention and a open subject. When we are open mixing modern with traditional. When others are open to professionals whom keep things confidenhtial. When opening up means we feel good, feel rotten, or just glad that it is out there. When being open with exploring our sexuality means we are venturing into world's we haven't explorer ed and don't know where we would end up, what's going to happen, or what to do next once we know. When once we are open, we can't go back. When opening up, we learn things we never knew, we see ourselves in other people. When we are open to the thought of sharing is a good thing, when others have profound experience and much to teach, that we are open minded to being inspired through them to catch up. When being open, we are constantly taking what we want and sucking in more thoughts, ideas, views and expressions that we are never satisfied. When being open to the thought, the only thing that can go wrong is when things get sour that we want out. When being open to thought we look at comforts now, and whether they are able to be sustained for a long period, or do we crave exploration for something new.

Jane L (kr) wrote: The little boy in this film is so sweet. And he looks reminds me of my grandson too.

David C (ag) wrote: Cult Jock movie. Superb soundtrack by Big Country.

Christian M (kr) wrote: Oh, Natalie. We love you.

Peter C (au) wrote: The most misleading title in the world, as it's ghostless and without a shred of invisibility. The elegance of Lugosi is used well, but he lurches around when killing like the best of 'em. The best reason to watch this middlin' b movie is the performance of Clarence Muse as the butler; he plays the role with a dignity and gravitas that should have shot race relations forward fifty years.

Scott D (ru) wrote: a nice, wholesome, old-fashioned love story

Art S (br) wrote: Robert Ryan is too old for the boxing game but still dreams of the one punch that could lead him to a championship. When he's told to take a dive, he can't make himself do it. Maybe this is one film noir where it doesn't really end badly...

Skyler B (mx) wrote: Fairly funny, if not for Willis' neverending charm and charisma.