Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter

A harrowing documentary of the Stones' 1969 tour, with much of the focus on the tragic concert at Altamont.

A harrowing documentary of the Stones' 1969 tour, with much of the focus on the tragic concert at Altamont. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Flaurent S (us) wrote: The movie start with the exposure of the biggest problem and establishes it well that the war of twenty century will be a war on Water, not power of military forces or nuclear power but simply the number natural resource which is known as water.The theme is relevant and critically catchy, yet also scary that water crisis is happening and soon the earth will no longer have enough water for its population. My biggest interest is how. A film is put together, the editing and scrip. The script is well developed and the process of the film developing is slow but slow enough. The idea of shifting the subject from water shortage in America to contaminated water in America. With one of my favorite character making an appearance Erin Brockovich lifting the story from standard to what she is known to do, going around and helping people suffering from cancer due to water contamination. The story enfolds as it finally touches the emotional side. The fear of contaminated water growing As the story comes to a great wrap up, the question is, is there a water shortage around the world or is that the world has become over populated as time advanced in the last last 15 years.Overall this movie is a great documentary, it may not be the best documentary I have seen but it was a pretty darn good topic to address and a pretty good topic for the next generation to focus on.I give this movie a score of 3 out of five.

Shane J (us) wrote: i watched this hoping something along the lines of spartucus the amazing tv show. This is nothing like that,the acting is amazingly bad from everyone especially the king by god how did he ever get cast?? the action scenes are so bad they add nothing of merit. avoid at all costs and watch spartucus instead.

Rodney S (kr) wrote: This 2007 horror film, has one of the most amazing and gruesome openings of any movie I've seen for awhile. In camera, a Mother is attacked by a killer with a baseball bat, and in pretty good closeup, her head smashed all to hell, in an extremely gory bloody pulp of a mess. I love movies that get off to such a good start. The suspected killer is her own 5 year old Son that has flipped his lid, and after 13 years is being transferred to a psychiatric hospital, when he escapes. Ah you say, HALLOWEEN.... Not hardly, although some reviews have had trouble trying to review this movie without giving away all the twists and turns right into the end credits. Yes, the now 18 year old crazy did escape, and teenagers are dying, when the movie shows a security guard from the hospital being chased by a crazed killer. Other reviewers have been a little more bold, and said, it's a cross between Halloween and Haute Tension. I tend to agree, that "Frayed" has a lot more in common with "Haute Tension" than just about anything else I can think of, and even that comparison is rather remote. Which brings us to the fact, that the story is pretty original, even though you could say homages are paid slightly. This is a damn good horror film, and you do not know what exactly is going on, until even more reveals are exposed as the end credits start to roll. For gorehounds, even though the most graphic almost sickening scene happens right at the beginning, there is still plenty of good old kills to keep the blood flowing. I give this very very high marks as one of the best horror films in the past few years, and an absolutely superb screenplay. After the movie is over, all I wanted to do was watch it again and listen to the commentary. I ran out of time, but that is on the agenda very soon. Don't miss this one, it deserves every horror fans attention.

Cheyenne B (br) wrote: looks soo good and i love chris brown... so im def gonaa see it

Stuart B (fr) wrote: Not too bad. Last 20 minutes were great

Alex D (us) wrote: oh my god this movie almost made me freak out. its so infuriating they throw this really sweet guy in jail. toatlly fucking compelling. and fuck the pigs.

Kate T (nl) wrote: Excellent road trip film (but aren't they all?). I didn't find it slow at all. Instead, I thought it was subtle, with insight but without being preachy or corny or too conventional. Music beautifully matched each scene. Worth the watch if you can catch it in a theater!

Dominic S (au) wrote: this is hands down the greatest Michael Douglas movie it's fun to watch it now how slow the tech world was in 1994. this is one of the greatest movies of the 90's

Veronica C (ca) wrote: The sequel attempts to give closure to the first movie, but fails..

Matthew M (ca) wrote: good movie with notable actors. Three of which were in the Robocop series. It was definitely a movie I felt that started out strong but seemed to be hampered by budgetary reasons. I felt the story could have been expanded more but then it is one of those movies that is between a B movie and an A movie. I don't know how to describe it.

Alex F (fr) wrote: Avoid this 60's movie if you dislike long dialogues and little action. The interesting thing about this film is the topic's relevance with modern corruption. Things haven't changed a bit.

Chris P (ru) wrote: Fantastic start to the MCU and great performances all round most noticeably Robert Downey Jr. 3.5/5

Salah A (mx) wrote: This franchise really would've worked if it didn't follow Twilight's footsteps.