Gimme Some Respect

Gimme Some Respect

Young Siiri is starting her life on her own. She wants to be independent and live a normal life, although she is mentally handicapped. She begins to make true of her dreams, where she has a...

Young Siiri is starting her life on her own. She wants to be independent and live a normal life, although she is mentally handicapped. She begins to make true of her dreams, where she has a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonny C (fr) wrote: Funeral Kings is a movie that i happened to find on Netflix with nothing else to watch, so i gave it a chance It had like 4.1 stars in Netflix so i figured check it out and to be honest it was pretty good. Funeral Kings is about two 14 year old altar boys who like to steal wine, skip school and smoke cigarettes. They both really just want to hook up with some older girls and get themselves into trouble. they acquire a chest full of goods that they need to get open and when they do they find a gun that they want to play with, but they need to find bullets for the gun which is basically the base of all the problems they run into as well as trying to watch R rated movies. Its a pretty good look at the way today's kids looks to be more adult and like and emulate the things they see on TV at a much younger age then when we were kids especially in smaller towns and cities. I found the acting to be pretty good especially for a cast made up of mostly children, the stand out by far was Alex Maizus as Charlie Waters who just killed it as the kid with the big mouth that every adult knows they hate, hahaha. i also liked Charles Kwame Odei in his smaller role. The directing in the movie was pretty good, the story and writing were also pretty good i loved the slow motion scenes after they did something bad ass. overall i say this movie is worth a watch, especially if you have Netflix and have run out of things to watch.6/10

JY S (ru) wrote: Na Hong-jin's The Yellow Sea is a crafted Korean crime thriller.The 2 hour 15 minute run time is lengthy, especially when the plot details get sketchy. The 4 chapter story does contain some good storytelling, but things can become elusive with a wealth of characters to focus on. Nonetheless, the plot twists come in at opportune times and the cloudiness of what comes next as the story progresses works in the film's favor.Aside from the story, the gritty and realistic violence, full of knives and hatchets, is a pleasant surprise and in high abundance. The destructive vehicle sequences are the icing on the cake.Ha Jung-woo is a convincing neutral protagonist. A lot of blood comes at the hands of Kim Yun-seok.Once the final scene, which occurs in the closing credits, is over, The Yellow Sea finds itself as a recommendable picture out of Korea.

David F (mx) wrote: A more satisfying experience than the original; better one-liners and more competent direction. Jim Verraros and Rebekah Kochan are allowed to create very funny characters here, although Marco Dapper (physical qualities aside) is a let-down. Once again the ending is a liability.

Roope L (fr) wrote: Low budget, terrible acting, ridiculous characters, bad racing,...the Russians sounded like they were Germans, casting was hilariously naive like Robert Langdon meets James Bond and Arnold Schwarzenegger (surprisingly though there was actually some similarity ...) but it all fails at the end and the story cut's off too early..nothing good to say about this movie at all?

David M (au) wrote: Perhaps the best in the series but definitely the best way for these guys to pull the curtain on the franchise. The "Bromance" these two guys share is unmatched to most modern day films & carries an almost bittersweet family feel towards the end which is practically never experienced in action cop films of today (they're far too brooding) - which is sad. Didn't see the need for dragging Chris Rock into this who I thought just took the spotlight off Leo.

James H (gb) wrote: I'm moving to France!

M C (gb) wrote: The actors do well, the effects are cool, and the script feels fresh. Great little movie. 75/100

Charlie M (mx) wrote: Twins separated as babies, reunite years later in Hong Kong to seek revenge upon their parents killers. Van Damme cheesily plays both roles and its arguably his best action pic to date.

Benjamin O (ca) wrote: Child-size violence.

Amanda H (gb) wrote: I've tried a few times over the years to sit through this whole movie, and I just can't. I realize it was made in 1983, but even taking that into consideration, the production quality is pretty awful, especially by Disney standards. The plot drags and none of the characters are particularly likeable. Definitely not some of Disney's best.

David L (ag) wrote: Is this a doc about Oasis??

Jeremy S (au) wrote: I never liked this Lewis film I always thought it was overrated and not one of Lewis better acting jobs.

Greg W (br) wrote: perfection and still a movie that i can watch over & over

Zoran S (jp) wrote: A great film and strange masterpiece. Sternberg's images and mise-en-scene are so textured and dense that they become overwhelming.

David J (fr) wrote: Special effects are impressive, and Shinzon is a menacing villain, but there are better Trek adventures to be had.