Ginmaku Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint It, White!

Ginmaku Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint It, White!

The Axis Powers must band together to save the world from aliens who are painting everything white.

The Axis Powers must band together to save the world from aliens who are painting everything white. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ginmaku Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint It, White! torrent reviews

John Eric D (ag) wrote: Another very well made Asian epic! As we know Koreans are well known from their impressive works on suspense and romcom films. This epic war film is very well made. It's like Crouching Tiger and the Hidden Dragon meets RAN. If you saw those films, you know what I mean. It is really that good. First half its kinda over long in terms of story telling. It kinda reminds me sometimes of a good RPG game somehow. Thus, the second half really gets you in. I mean it will really eat your hearts out. I would not spoil anything but the story alone is tremendously well done. Revenge, hack and slash war film that really interacts the viewers interest not only the culture of each clans. But the humane side of the plot is pretty impressive. Another must watch seriously. Watch this one. 4.5 stars out of 5.

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Daniel P (mx) wrote: Rogen as a scientist? Yea not buying it. Also not funny enough.

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Ginmaku Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint It, White! torrent

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