Giovani, belle... probabilmente ricche

Giovani, belle... probabilmente ricche

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Giovani, belle... probabilmente ricche torrent reviews

Dominic R (fr) wrote: Thrilling, mindbending and strangely amusing. A somehow Kafkaesk piece of art, combining satire with deeply philosophical questions.

Iggy A (br) wrote: I haven't seen many Bollywood movies, but I would recommend this one.The story weaves together several connected threads. It would have been easy for the film to get lost in the attempt, but it didn't. It is a fine movie with a heart (if not a Hollywood-style happy ending).

Shaher A (mx) wrote: ????? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ????? :)

Crispy S (fr) wrote: I love this movie it is the bommmm:p

John W (us) wrote: TERRIBLE. Start with an okay story idea, add bad dialogue and poor acting, include some decent effects to try and salvage that, assume that your target audience is so unaware and inept that an extended flash back spelling out in detail the entire back story is necessary, further assume the flash back isn't enough and add a complete voice over telling the story being shown in the extended flash back, and wrap it up with an ending that wouldn't have been too bad if we hadn't completely given up well before it arrives.

Zaidy R (kr) wrote: it's all in that batman logo , so hot

Philip R (ag) wrote: Almost all my life since this film came out, I would always see the VHS/DVD cover of this movie at video stores everywhere and I would never watch it till it would broadcast on television many years later. I watched it and thought it was very intense it became one of those intense movies I try not to watch. The cast: Larenz Tate, Keith David, N'Bushe Wright, Freddy Rodriguez, and Bokeem Woodbine were all good but I thought Chris Tucker as Tate's drug addict friend Skip was intense and it was seeing a different side of him than what we all have all seen him in the Rush Hour movies. I thought it was cool to see Terrance Howard, Clifton Collins Jr., Isaiah Washington, Michael Imperioli, Seymour Cassel, and Martin Sheen make small appearences in this film. I heard of MENACE II SOCIETY and seen FROM HELL, The Hughes Brothers, Allen and Albert, are great film makers who make very intense movies for people to see.

Kristy P (es) wrote: Strange, wierd, freaky, crazy, pointless. I think that about covers it.

Shawn W (ru) wrote: I'm glad I saw this shocker after visiting Egypt. Treasure seekers and a model photo shoot (yes!) disturb the tomb of Pharoah Safiraman unleashing a curse that awakens flesh eating mummies who rampage on a town and spoil a wedding celebration.