Girl Clock!

Girl Clock!

Globe-trotting Christine wakes up one ordinary day to find that her biological clock has gone off with a vengeance. But for a commitment-phobe on the wrong side of 40, the road to motherhood is strewn with bedlam, calamity and smoked out eggs. When she turns to her life long friends Margo and Mikki for support, she finds them equally embattled; Margo zealously guarding the door to her recently emptied nest, and Mikki frantically fighting her evil twin foes: Sagging and Drooping. Collectively, however, the girls are a force to be reckoned with, so together they take on the might of Mother Nature with hilarious results.

Globe-trotting Christine wakes up one ordinary day to find that her biological clock has gone off with a vengeance. But for a commitment-phobe on the wrong side of 40, the road to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mahesh P (kr) wrote: Probably would've been better served as part of the Raaz series instead of Murder but either way, pretty well done as usual by the Bhatt family.

Estee R (it) wrote: Idris did a great job in his role in this powerful movie. A more indepth look at the political background, the military, etc than Hotel Rwanda did. An amazing story told of family during a horrible time in our very recent history..

Erix D (ag) wrote: Hmmmhh cool enough...

Slvi S (au) wrote: Muligens tidenes beste norske film. Maa sees :)

Martin D (fr) wrote: Actor Billy Crystal co-wrote, directed, and starred in this romantic comedy. Forty-something couple Andy (Joe Mantegna) and Liz (Cynthia Stevenson) are about to be married, and as they gather with their friends for dinner not long before the wedding, they are told the story of their mutual friends Mickey (Billy Crystal) and Ellen (Debra Winger) as a cautionary tale of where a relationship can go wrong. Mickey is a top referee with the NBA who has traveled to Paris to bury his father, who wanted to be laid to rest with his Army buddies from World War II. The body is somehow lost in transit, and Mickey has an argument with Ellen, who works for an American airline in France. However, she likes his sense of humor, he is taken with her, and after a few days together in Paris, they decide to marry. However, once they return to Mickey's home in the United States, things get complicated; she's not so sure that she cares for his bachelor apartment ("a shrine to watching ESPN"), or juggling her career against his, while both have problems with their respective families. Several major basketball stars and sports figures appear in Forget Paris as themselves, including Charles Barkley, Bill Walton, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Marv Albert.

Brandon M (mx) wrote: Cronos, Guillermo del Toro's debut feature, is more memorable for its elements and inspirations than its story. This feels like the connective tissue of The Spirit of the Beehive, a major influence on del Toro, and Pan's Labyrinth. Something to contemplate when the story lags.

Jenny D (fr) wrote: Wow...can't believe I totally forgot all about this movie. Anyone else remember this thing? haha

Arun B (de) wrote: A warm family comedy that showcases brilliantly why the world loved Doris Day...and still does......A bit too chauvinistic but what the hell its the 60's

Gordon B (fr) wrote: I never liked the term 'silent movie' because it defines a film by what is absent from it. Utilizing a series of penetrating close ups & dramatic tracking shots 'The Last Laugh' voices a great deal of empathy for its central character. It may be a silent film, but it says a hell of a lot

Rick D (nl) wrote: Way to complicated for such a simple movie

Filippo V (ca) wrote: Non riesco a concepire quanta immaginazione possano avere le menti che hanno ideato un opera cos fantasiosa. Fin da subito il film si mostra molto originale e sopra le righe, con disegni strani e a dir poco inquietanti. Visivamente incredibile, non penso di aver mai visto niente di simile, ma concettualmente mi aspettavo pi significato simbolico e una morale pi evidente. Ci nonostante ho apprezzato moltissimo lo stile unico di Coraline e non vedo l'ora di vedere gli altri film della stessa casa di produzione.

Con M (es) wrote: Great British humor from an all round good director (at the time).