Girl Play

Girl Play

Two real-life lesbian actresses meet by chance when they are cast as lovers in a local stage play, and end up actually falling in love. Robin, who is married to her girlfriend for half a dozen years, and Lacie, someone who never had a lasting relationship, are both cast to play lesbian lovers in a Los Angeles stage play. Innocently, the stage director, Gabriel runs the actresses through a series of rehearsals designed to "bring out the intimacy" in each performer. Soon the two women find themselves increasingly and undeniably attracted to each other and overcome with desire. They must ask themselves whether this relationship is manufactured, created for the sake of the "girl play", or is true love.

Two real-life lesbian actresses meet by chance when they are cast as lovers in a local stage play, and end up actually falling in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Duncan K (ag) wrote: I thought this to be quite an intriguing, legitimately creepy thriller. Too many horror movies want to explain every single thing in it to the point of dumbing it down, which is why I liked this one. It keeps the darkness shrouded in enigma and lets our own minds project our own vision of what's happening, rather akin to The Twilight Zone. What our minds can create is far more horrifying than anything a movie can show us.

Russell G (gb) wrote: When a high school graduate floating through life fails to gain admittance to any of the colleges, he makes one up to keep his nagging parents off his back. That alone is funny, but then he takes it further when forges acceptance letters from a number of other rejects. They even collect tuition and stage an academic building in an abandoned asylum. It is a preposterous concept, but it is very self-aware. There are no standouts in the cast. Collectively, they are quite funny and make a silly story like this work nicely. The only mistake is that it tries to make sense of the chaos with a message that college stifles the creativity of renegade geniuses. Fortunately, it does not drive it too hard that it loses its slacker underdog appeal. It may not be an essential college movie like Old School or Animal House but it sure is an enjoyable good time.

Liam J (gb) wrote: Hilarious, pure pulp fun.

Benjamin F (mx) wrote: Jack Black is in the role he was born to play. Nuff said.

Maggie G (gb) wrote: Its was ok...some laughs. Not much tho...everything seemed predictable.

Kristopher V (nl) wrote: Offensive, exploitative, insensitive and yet the film captures a time, attitude, and politics in a rare light. The film has the best interrogation scene I've ever seen in a movie. Once you see it you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

Robert W (it) wrote: A pastor loses all meaning to life in the face of what he interprets as God's silence. Unable to love, finding no passion in life, he finds his life empty. A very profound film.

Rebecca N (jp) wrote: Characters are thoroughly unlikeable, and difficult to identify with. The best part of the movie is the secondary characters who get very little screen time.

William F (ag) wrote: Colorful and fabulous.