Girl Power

Girl Power

1997. Into a dizzy world of glamour and false promises comes Cass, a recent graduate. Innocent publishing appears perfect – but behind cool Britannia lurks a much darker place.

1997. Tony Blair is on the road to power| Britpop is at its height and spin is the order of the day. Into the dizzy world of glamour and false promises comes Cass| a
recent graduate| keen to get to the heart of the excitement. Innocent Publishing appears perfect - after all| they're publishing an official book on Blur AND Tony
Blair's autobiography. However| Cass is soon to discover that behind cool Britannia there is a much darker place that will take her to the very edge of who she
thinks she is. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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melissa H (kr) wrote: By far the worst "scary" movie I have ever seen...and I've seen a lot of crappy movies.

Giorgos P (gb) wrote: Kenneth Loach, still uncompromising, but more crucially still fresh. Discussing the mercenaries in Iraq, but more poignantly looking directly at the complexity of human relationships. Andrea Lowe in particular is a revelation.

Adam F (gb) wrote: The cast of "Must Love Dogs" are all talented and the two leads have good chemistry but the plot is standard and the good elements aren't enough to raise the film above an average romantic comedy/drama. There are a lot of good things in the film, like Christopher Plummer as "Bill", who is very entertaining and Elizabeth Perkins also has some good comedic and dramatic moments but a lot of the humour is standard online dating stuff, with bad dates with people that are cartoonishly written, exaggerated profiles made out of desperation to attract men and some comedic hijinks during the first dates too. If you can ignore all of these flaws it actually plays out as a funny and pretty sweet romance, until the end that although doesn't actually involve an airport, does include a comedic chase sequence (that might as well be for the a plane). You won't be groaning and looking at the clock while watching "'Must Love Dogs" (in fact you'll probably enjoy yourself) and if you want a light-as-air romantic film it will do the trick, but you probably won't remember much of it after a few days. (December 10, 2012)

Allan C (jp) wrote: I wildly unique vision from director Dave McKean. The film features a script from author Neil Gaiman and tells the tale of a girl wanting to run away from the circus for a normal life and then finds herself in a transported to a magical and highly surreal world where she gets caught up in a battle between good and evil. The film was produced by Jim Henson Studios and is somewhat along the lines of "Labyrinth" and "The Dark Crystal" in the sense that they are all dark children's stories, but this one is particularly dark and probably better suited for adults or teen audience. Like director McKean's artwork, the film is a mixed media pieces, featuring live action actors, animation, puppets, practical and also digital special effects. The end result is a visual feast and highly original, I honestly don't think I've seen anything like this before or since in terms of the film's look and style. That alone makes this film worth watching, but when you have a dreamlike story from Neil Gaiman it's something that's essential viewing for fans of this type of story. however, I will say that this film is not nearly as audience friendly as something like "Labyrinth" and is not doing to appeal to most audiences. I'd say this film is probably for people who enjoy stories and films from people like Clive Parker, author Gaiman, or the Brothers Quay. I do feel the visuals overpower the story somewhat, or maybe it was that the story wasn't as strong as the best of Gaimain's work, but either way, I found the film utterly compelling to watch. Beautiful, frightening and quite original! And my favorite part of the film had to be a creepily beautiful part of the film where automatons sing Burt Bacharach's "Close to You."

Axel A (us) wrote: I have a feeling that all of the negative reviewers watched a different movie than i did because i thought this movie was a heartfelt comedy that had genuine laughs and amazing characters.

Frankie P (ag) wrote: Errr, far too much sex, and too little plot. (Why am I surprised?)

Oliver E (au) wrote: really good, but literally the most depressing film I've ever seen. misery misery misery. I will never watch it again.

Jason (gb) wrote: This Movie is terrible.

Evan H (de) wrote: I liked that most of the humor needed no explanation. The dialogue was awkward at first, but, strangely, started sounding more normal than anything else.

Jaime R (br) wrote: Even though Art Carney may not have deserved Best Actor over Al Pacino, he's still showing some rather fine work in this film.

Anthony V (es) wrote: Typical Disney fodder, with a lift from the cast.

Michael p (jp) wrote: interesting little gem worth a look

Marcus W (nl) wrote: Nice little British sci-fi horror.

Tristan E (mx) wrote: Superb, genuine and great.

Joshy F (es) wrote: He faced 10 people and beat them this film is great

Hunter S (es) wrote: The epitome of a thrilling monster movie. Spielberg proves his might as a filmmaker in this masterfully made movie. Characters are sharp, performances are on point, and the plot flows without flaw. I wish summer movies were still made with this level of quality.