Girl's Friends 14 Sai Kamlang Maw

Girl's Friends 14 Sai Kamlang Maw

Four teenage schoolgirls - Bee, Tum, Nui and Tim - have been friends for a long time, and have sworn to be true to one another forever. Their relationship is as colorful and lively as they ...

Four teenage schoolgirls - Bee, Tum, Nui and Tim - have been friends for a long time, and have sworn to be true to one another forever. Their relationship is as colorful and lively as they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liliane S (de) wrote: Agh... I cried like 3 times. I get emotional so easily. Beautifully directed. Such an interesting and sad story.

WS W (de) wrote: First of all, I realize this movie was not made for my age group. That said, I still don't understand all the hype & credits given. If, this, is, the standard of what a good movie looks like for present HK Cinema, I have nothing more to say.

Alex P (au) wrote: give the entire plot fucks....

Tristan R (es) wrote: Sean Connery's poor, insane son... This was pretty dire, and not in a good way for the most part.

Michael M (de) wrote: One of Stiller's weakest efforts. Not really any believable chemistry between these two though of course Jen looked good. And PSH is always solid.

Devon W (ag) wrote: I picked it up when I saw "Malcolm McDowell" and sadly regret it. Asides from 1 or 2 moments of shining this movie is a rusty and boring little ditty that belongs in the bargain bin.

Allan F (it) wrote: "Where in the fuck is my Beaver rape scene!?"

Jamie C (br) wrote: Another early 90s action flick that will never be remembered, So predictable, Lazy acting, Cringe worthy humour that was not really needed, The action was ok in parts but nothing special, Apart from the blade films Snipes never hit the hights of Stallone or Schwarzenegger in the action genre and this film proves that he is an after thought and the black version of Van Damme.

Phil H (ag) wrote: Fresh off the success of the 'Crocodile Dundee' movies where Hogan played a rough tough lovable roguish bushman, Hogan is back going for gold again playing...a rough tough lovable roguish criminal. Only this criminal has changed his ways after a near death situation and he now believes he's an angel on a mission from God, but is he?Thing about this film that is disappointing is the fact they don't really make the most of the idea. We're never entirely sure if Hogan's character is actually an angel, was his afterlife experience just a dream or not and if he's really invincible, we're led to believe he's a heavenly being through various lucky scrapes. For the whole run time this concept isn't really explored as well as it could have been I think because this character doesn't really do much accept walk out in front of trucks. There are times he puts himself at risk helping others like standing up against some gang members and setting up religious themed tricks but on the whole its all dialog.Now there's nothing wrong with good dialog, emotional dialog...but this doesn't really have that (Paul Hogan comedy remember), you really do expect there to be more in the shape of visual comedy. Most of the time he's chatting to folk, trying to either con or assist them and of course having to fend off his real time wife Kozlowski. Gee I wonder whose idea it was to cast her in the film. I suppose it is neat to have us the audience unsure as to whether this guy is really an angel or not but this also kinda leads to the movie being really very dull. Like I say nothing really happens that is exciting or remotely interesting other than him beating some guys up once and walking out in front of a truck.Things become really boring when he meets up with a wheelchair bound Elias Koteas whom he makes friends with. This is the main plot point in the film and its incredibly boring, things were dull before this but dear Lord it gets worse. The movies highlight appears to be a chase sequence between a fat cop and Koteas in his wheelchair...and the fat cop can't catch him...on foot...riiiiiight. They actually do try and make this sequence really intense as Koteas ducks under stuff, turns corners sharply and pumps away to increase his speed...I'm serious here. Plus I really gotta mention how lame of an ending it is for Koteas' character, he bumps into something and ends up fatally stabbing himself in the thigh...laugh out loud!In the end we actually discover Hogan is an angel...oh spoil...whatever. Its only then that you realise how cool this film could of been with more ghosty spiritual moments like that. Don't get me wrong its a nice ending but it sure took some strength to get there sheesh! The tagline for this movie is [i]'The guy from down under is working for the man upstairs'[/i]...I mean sure its a quirky line but are they really still banking on the fact Hogan is an Aussie?? still pushing and depending on that unimportant geographical detail! Surely they exhausted that with the 'Mick Dundee' movies...we get it, he's an Aussie, cultural differences gag officially milked.

Michael S (de) wrote: Cher play Lesbian love that

Blake P (ru) wrote: Mike Nichols is one of the few directors who can take a story and, rather than sensationalize it, can make it feel human and kitchen sink real. "Silkwood", which is non-fiction, normally would be highly fictionalized in order to create entertaining melodrama. Nichols never resorts to that. The film moves along at a slow pace, and it doesn't necessarily use that factor to develop characters - it instead creates a setting that is true to any one's life. "Silkwood" doesn't feel like a movie. It's almost as if a random group of people were selected to be filmed and tragedy coincidentally occurred. That's what makes the film work so well. Taking place in Oklahoma in the early 1970s, we are given a glimpse into the life of Karen Silkwood (Meryl Streep), a young woman who works at nuclear power plant Kerr-McGee. She lives in a low-rent bungalow with her boyfriend, Drew (Kurt Russell) and best friend Dolly (Cher), who also work at Kerr-McGee. They live very ordinary lives, but everything once average and boring is shaken when Karen begins to notice at trend at the workplace - more and more employees are developing health problems due to radiation. Though radiation is known to be extremely dangerous now, at the time, as a character puts it, it's believed to be about as threatening as a sunburn: unhealthy but temporary. Karen is skeptical, and gets the feeling that her employers are hiding an ugly truth, and so she decides to take matters into her own hands. She does find hard-hitting evidence that could end Kerr-McGee forever, but her findings eventually lead up to her suspicious demise. "Silkwood" is absorbing from beginning to end, which is quite odd, considering it's over two hours and many of the situations are improvised. But the way the story moves along, the way the characters talk, and the barren setting all make us feel as though we're in the same room as the people living through it all, because there is no glamour to separate us from the real and the fake. Unlike most (political?) thrillers, there isn't a well-defined villain, and the title character isn't exactly a hero. Even the head honcho of Kerr-McGee doesn't seem "evil"; in fact, all the supposed "baddies" are simply people trying to keep their job and make a living. In their eyes, the "hero", Karen Silkwood, is a villain, as she is uncovering evidence that could destroy their life-hood. It's fascinating to see these two sides of the argument collide, because nobody is necessarily wrong or morally corrupt. Though Silkwood, years later, did the right thing by uncovering some of the true risks of radiation, you can see why so many at the time of her death, weren't rooting for her, but going against her. The final scene (which is not a spoiler, as the death of Karen Silkwood has been a story for the ages) is played so subtly that it doesn't even feel sudden. We see Silkwood driving in the dark for a meeting with the New York Times, when a pair of headlights get so close to her, that she cannot see the road in front of her, leading to a fatal crash. Nichols leaves us to decide if she was murdered or it was simply an accident - which still remains a mystery today. You end up hoping she was murdered - not because she was a bad person, but because it would prove that her findings about radiation were in fact correct. Streep makes Silkwood likable, but we also know from the start that she is flawed, numbed by life (she has undergone a divorce and rarely sees her kids), possibly depressed, but in the end, funny and relatable. Silkwood is a complex woman, and, in the end, it is her that is more fascinating than the story itself. "Silkwood" is an example of how a non-fiction film should be made - entertaining, but not so bent on entertaining the audience that it stands in the way of the lives that were c

Gavin M (es) wrote: "Nobody's perfect. There was never a perfect person around. You just have half-angel and half-devil in you." That's a quote taken from actress Linda Manz who narrates Terrence Malick's second feature film "Days of Heaven," which is such a remarkable and breathtaking film as all of Malick's films are as we can clearly see from beginning to end as Malick gets perfect shot after perfect shot of the beautiful nature scenes that he is so famous for doing in all of his films. The movie takes place somewhere in the Midwest outside Chicago, Illinois, where narrator and actress Linda Maze, goes on a this beautiful journey out into the Midwest with her older brother and guardian who just so happens to be a very young and magnetic looking Richard Gere and his girlfriend who is played by the very talented Brooke Adams, after Gere's character accidentally kills a fellow worker in by hitting him over the head with a shovel after a dispute between the two men in a Chicago factory. Gere's character then goes on the run with his little sister and girlfriend as all three head out into the magnificent wheat fields in the Midwest where they immediately begin work in a wheat field owned by Sam Shephard, who takes an immediate liking to Brooke Adams once he lays eyes on her. Before they arrive at the wheat field, they tell everybody aboard the train that Gere and Adams are sisters, not lovers so they do not arouse any suspicion invade they are being looked for after Gere's incident at the Chicago factory with the worker that he killed. They hustle and earn three dollars a day, which by the way I am guessing the movie takes place sometime in the early 1900's so three dollars an hour is really not that bad for a days pay back then. But things get complicated when Shepard's character begins to take a liking to Brooke Adams and asks her to stay on the wheat farm and continue working on the wheat farm after the harvest is over. Once she relays the message back to Richard Gere, he tells her to do it and possibly put on a show for him so that if he falls in love with her, all three of them can remain on the farm. The thing is though that we find out early when we meet Shepard's character that he is dying and only has a year to live. What he is dying from remains unknown, but we can assume it is probably cancer or some other type of major illness. Once Gere figures out what is happening to Shepard, he figures if he falls in love with Adams and marries her and they remain in the wheat farm, when Shepard dies, they can inherit the wheat farm. So Brooke Adams says yes to Shepard's offer on the condition that Gere and Manz stay with her on the wheat farm as she informs Shepard that Richard Gere is her brother not her lover, even Brooke Adams and Richard Gere continue romancing with each other on the side, even after Shepard marries Adams. Things go good for a while until Shepard grows suspicion that Gere and Adams are not who they say they are after seeing them touch each other sexually as he is walking along his wheat farm at night during which a belly dancer dances for them inside a little hut and then after confronting Adams about it and flat out denying it to his face, Adams begins to worry about Shepard finding out as she fears she is going to hurt him if he finds out. That's when Richard Gere realizes that Adams has fallen in love with Shepard and that this is now become a serious problem for all three of them. Even before when Shepard was warned by his over looker of the wheat farm who knows that Gere, Adams, and Manz are not who they say they are, Shepard refuses to hear it. That is until he sees from a distance on top of his farm house when Adams touches Gere on the face as if a happy together would do to one another, we then get a real close up look of Shepard back inside under the roof as we can clearly see by his expression on his face that he feels truly betrayed. This is where the last hour turns into a somewhat revenge saga as Shepard tries to attack Richard Gere during an infestation of what seems to be cicadas which vastly threaten the wheat farm after they harvest all over the wheat fields, eating everything insight. Shepard attacks Gere with a torch lamp that by accident breaks when swinging at Gere which ends up putting almost the whole farm up in flames as everyone working in the wheat field tries everything in their power to put the large flames out. Shepard then takes matters into his own hands as he gets a pistol from his room after giving Adams a hard look that he knows what is going on, and goes after Gere in which Gere ends up *SPOILER ALERT* killing Shepard in self defense with a knifing tool. Realizing now that he is in deep shit Gere quickly takes Adams and Manz and they quickly escape from the wheat farm before anybody finds out that Shepard has been killed. Once discovered by the over looker that made it clear to Richard Gere that he knows what he's up to and that Shepard is like a son to him, it then becomes a manhunt to track and kill Richard Gere in the last half hour of the film. The movie is absolutely filled with great Terrence Malick magic of nature as I said before that will definitely suck in all die hard Malick fans as Malick truly is in my opinion a director from God himself, as he truly is a gifted visualizer of movies. "Days of Heaven" definitely deserves to be in the top 100 best movies ever made as for that time in the late 1970's to capture what Malick had captured in this movie I can only imagine must have been staggering to watch at that time. The man has a true gift for both animals and nature, which definitely brings up the conclusion that Terrence Malick will go down in history as one of the most gifted, compelling, and artistic directors to ever walk the face of this earth. God bless him.

sabrina i (ag) wrote: BRANDED TO KILL is a bizarre film. It's hard to pin it down. The director intentions were not to keep things straight forward and in the process he has created an rather original film. The film starts off like any other hitman/gangster movie but things soon seem to get rather strange. We witness his highly sexually charged and dysfunctional relationship with his wife which indicts that our hitman is not all that he seems. On the surface he may seem calm, cool and in control but evident by his private life he is anything but. Infact as the film goes on he loses much of his control. He becomes a fumbling, miserable man who restorts to drinking and acts out of desperation and not calculation. He is quite different from the hitman characters in other films like Le Samoura . The film has tons of bizarre moments but the most bizarre one was when an eye doctor pushes an eye into his patient - THAT took me aback quite a bit. The film relishes in it over-the-violence and surreal imagery to the point where the actual character's become blurred and the film becomes difficult to follow. The cinematography and the editing helps heighten these effects. I think I prefer other hitman/gangster films to this one though it was an interesting watch. Overall, BRANDED TO KILL is an fun and crazy film - well worth your time if you like that sorta thing.

pacificoduck (ag) wrote: watched it way to much and has horrible acting

David B (au) wrote: Very good movie, a great twist with the kidnapping and training of young girls to become assasins.

Tyler Z (us) wrote: Scared the shit out of me

Adrian B (ca) wrote: Pretty good adult drama about four young woman who are close friends and decide to lay down the law when it comes to dating men