Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay

Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay

Two hot chicks happen upon the creepy castle of French witch Morgane le Fay and must choose either to become immortal sex slaves or rot in a dungeon.

Two hot chicks happen upon the creepy castle of French witch Morgane le Fay and must choose either to become immortal sex slaves or rot in a dungeon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay torrent reviews

Rick O (gb) wrote: Short. Needs more meat and potatoes

Kyrstin L (jp) wrote: I think people are too hard on indie horror films. Sometimes the acting wasn't all that great, and no, the effects weren't super CGI mega awesome OMG, but it kept me watching, and it wasn't THAT bad. As a Psychology student, I also loved that they actually did their research on Schizophrenia instead of mistaking it for 'multiple personality disorder' or anything like that. Given, this would be a SEVERE case, but still. They bothered to look at the actual disorder....a lot of high budget movies don't even do that.

Zach B (nl) wrote: People say that Ang Lee's "Hulk" (2003) was too "artsy" and "slow". This time around, it's just slow.Edward Norton, while a good actor, does not make for a good Bruce Banner. To me, it feels out of place having a high calibur actor like that play a role like this. The casting all around was odd, with the talented likes of Tim Blake Nelson, William Hurt & Tim Roth. Liv Tyler was slowly on her way out of stardom at this point, and her acting contributes nothing to the story.The special effects feel outdated, and the movies not even 10 years old. The Hulk went from looking kind of soft with vibrant coloring (2003) to dark coloring and intense details on his physical attributes, making him look more sickly then threatening.Overall, there's nothing new here. It's definitely one of the low points in the MCU and even as a Hulk fan, there's just not much there.

Aleli G (it) wrote: when i saw this i loved it

Felipe F (au) wrote: Tiresome due to its lenght and emotional distant due to its middling script, but with such a captivating lead as the talented Meryl Streep this overrated classic becomes tolerable.

Greg W (mx) wrote: from a technical standpoint this has some amazing shots and camera angles but i found the plot about american male's sexual hypocisies kinda lame.

Sherif N (au) wrote: 4.5 Stars. One of the best Noir films I've seen.

Dax D (kr) wrote: If this propaganda wasn't against Nazis, it would probably be banned. But it is. So its fantastic.

Andrew M (de) wrote: Admission takes the talent of leads Tina Fey and Paul Rudd and wastes their naturally comedic personalities on a poorly written script and awkward direction.

Nick I (es) wrote: It was boring, Jamie is boring. The doll creeps you out just with its presence and the ending was anticlimactic.

Ruben A (mx) wrote: sounds stupid but why not?

Marah R (jp) wrote: Spectacular story that flows in perfect rhythm as the events escalate to an unforeseen plot twist and satisfying ending. Along with Tom Hardy's marvelous performances, this movie is a definite success.