Girl with Hyacinths

Girl with Hyacinths

Dagmar Brink, a young female pianist, commits suicide in her Stockholm apartment. She leaves all her belongings to her next-door neighbours, an author and his wife. Perplexed and curious, they investigate the girl's reasons for taking her life. As they visit Dagmar's friends, acquaintances and former boyfriends, her story unfolds. She stands out as loner, a woman no one could really grasp, always in want of something that nobody she met could make out.

The young Dagmar Brink commits suicide. Her belongings are inherited by the resident caretaker in the house she lived in. The caretaker, who never knew her, wonders why and make contact ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tribhuwan25 T (fr) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Courtney K (au) wrote: i thought this story was fantastic; i quite literally can't wait to read the book. i absolutely loved the different perspectives on the same moments... and who knew you could be so emotional over a tree? LOL. i'll say it again, i thought this was fantastic - definitely recommend to anyone who likes the quirky romantic comedies.

Neuronhead H (ru) wrote: Found it a bit depressing. A study in how the same characters can be used in different stories. None of it makes much sense until the end when it was all explained in detail.Only slightly saved from the "it was all just a dream" ending.

Jennifer K (br) wrote: The title just sounds even wronger

Tom D (es) wrote: This is a difficult film to review because I really like the last 2 rooms but I dislike the first 2 rooms. The first 2 rooms are not enjoyable at all and the dialogue and situations are poor. The third room with the misbehaving children is delightful and the highlight of the film. The forth room is also really enjoyable, exciting and funny. Overall this movie is an interesting experiment that works for half of the film only.

Ray M (kr) wrote: Rent "Late for Dinner" you will love it!

stefano l (nl) wrote: Surreal, unreal, magic.

Knox M (nl) wrote: Robert Wise's Audrey Rose - near illustrious achievement. Great performances and camerawork. Robert Wise is by far one of the best filmmakers to ever live, and, while this isn't the best example of his genius, it's enjoyable for what it is.

Chris H (kr) wrote: A crappier American version of the original film with awkward additional scenes from Raymond Burr. Skip this and watch the original Japanese version instead!

Valeria P (jp) wrote: If you're concerned that you are feeling too happy with your life, watch this and it'll fix that problem for you. Great performances by the entire cast, good soundtrack.

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