Diana Guzman begins to train as a boxer and achieves impressive success, blazing new trails for female boxers, all while keeping it a secret from her father.

Diana, without her father knowing it, trains as a boxer and achieves impressive success, blazing new trails for female boxers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leena L (mx) wrote: The epic film of brothers of a big house fighting with knives and running after the same girl, murder and mayhem in the west coast of Finland, "accidental fires", "surprising deaths", "willful engagements" and mother who just wants her favorite son to prevail.

Meghna P (ca) wrote: Predictable ending but nicely done. Thomas Haden Church was brilliant.

Robert L (us) wrote: Not bad could have been worse.

Michael J (us) wrote: There are too many horrendous things to discuss about this film that I'll instead focus on a positive instead; I'm glad I didn't pay to see it.

Connie H (kr) wrote: The critics who didn't like this film might be afraid to look in the mirror. It is worth the risk to look in the mirror of your life and find God's love for you.

Tomofumi Y (kr) wrote: i must say a word "perfect"! i think it hard for foreign people to get it meaning.but it represent a Japnese young man's mind wavering!!

Yeleysa C (it) wrote: I thought it was more shocking, everyone talked about this movie because it shows a homosexual relationship, for me it was a good story, very romantic but sad at the end. I almost cry. Heath Ledger (RIP) and Jake Gyllenhaal did and AMAZING job showing that passion they characters felt in the movie.The love is the strongest and powerful feeling in the world.

intuciic (ag) wrote: boring and bad story...

Sausages M (mx) wrote: Wonderful and engaging portrait of the scientist that helped pave the way for more sexual freedom, particularly homosexual, in society. It's part biography, convincingly scientific and yet thoroughly engaging. However, despite the difficult subject, like Kinsey himself the film doesn't shy away from the controversy involved, in fact it takes centre stage and is handled very well. Liam Neeson is very good, and very convincing as the subject and protagonist and the supporting players do a very good job as well. We have a lot to thank Kinsey for, and this film is a fitting tribute.

Cody C (gb) wrote: Best goddamn movie. I don't know how I aint seen it until now. The kinda movie you wanna watch again right after it's over. Hype WIlliams, please make another movie

Kameron W (nl) wrote: A great popcorn summer blockbuster with everything you look for. Good story, humor, and awesome action set pieces.

Benjamin O (it) wrote: Atlantian closeness.

Patrick D (de) wrote: I've got to admit: I'm not a huge anime fan. In fact for the most part I find it a bit boring. What attracted me to this film was the story- old man get put in a life support machine and it goes crazy and he become a robot ravaging the city. Plus it was done by the same dude as Akira and I love that movie to no end. The actual movie is actually pretty cool and funny. I would suggest watching it if you want to see something different.

Harrison W (de) wrote: Good, not great. Any single episode of Curb is an order of magnitude better. Bummed the photography in this B&W film wasn't more impressive.

Amanda C (it) wrote: For Me and My Gal is essentially a propaganda film, complete with a bonifide advertisement to support the troops at the end. It's less of a musical and more of a film with musical numbers integrated into it. There's a few good tunes, and the title number is enjoyable, but overall it's a tad too slow and sentimental, with a weak plot structure, which is essentially scrapped for the last half hour of the film. These are common to musicals in general, but here there's none of the charm or fun that is usually present. There's an attempt to deal with more difficult subject matter, but it largely comes off as superficial in service to the I want to be a start plot line. Gene Kelly and Judy Garland are charming together and with her voice and his dancing are a great musical duo. Unfortunately their talents are both underused, especially Kelly's. It is nice to see Kelly get to stretch his dramatic acting skills, but Me and My Gal would benefit from a firm decision about what genre it wants to be. Either lighthearted musical or realist drama because it doesn't quite manage either one.

Jamie C (us) wrote: One of the best zombie films to date, Brilliant remake all the cast were fun, The zombies looked great and the action scenes were entertaining and gory, What more do you want from a zombie film.

Aaron M (fr) wrote: Disaster Movie sets a tone within about a minute in a half with burping gags, the awkward unfunniness never leaves the movie. Its a conveyor belt of gags based around a large roster of movies. Theres no consistency to the parodies and it suffers from hugely annoying characters which are of course, poorly acted. Its a pretty pointless and ghastly movie which gets boring very quickly. A massive low for the spoof genre.

Sean D (br) wrote: I have no clue why this movie has a better rating than the remake when it sucks. It's low on the graphic violence side, but there is definitely a bit of it. Nothing really happens for like half of the film. It's an extremely slow slasher. Throw all your conventional ideas about supernatural films out the window, there is no logic with this one except one idea that is told about long in the beginning and you're reminded about it... On Halloween, the spirits of both good and evil are free to roam the land. That's all good and all, but apps rely that also applies to anyone who is killed as well by the spirits are also alive and evil. Then, when the night ends, everyone goes bye bye. Except for, say the main possessed one which also breaks all logic, especially subject she wasn't even the first to be possessed. Anyway, it's ridiculous and over the top, but an okay watch. The remake is way better and gorier. You have terrible acting and typical '80s teenager crap. But apparently all the female actresses they hired have amazing and perfectly beautiful breasts. Did I mention that the Asian girl has the biggest of then all? Very interesting indeed. And that's about it. The film felt dragged in if you can believe it.