A man comes between two lesbian lovers, hence forming a triangle with bleak consequences.

A man comes between two lesbian lovers, hence forming a triangle with bleak consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natalie B (nl) wrote: my little boy has cerebral palsy and he not in to the normal films so this was fab finally having a film he would watch all the way through ..the only thing i would have liked is the postman pat theme tune at the start how it is normally done.

Sanjaya B (ag) wrote: Truly a family movie with an inspiring story about helping the animals..

Christopher B (gb) wrote: I thought this was pretty good. Definitely violently entertaining.

Pat M (mx) wrote: cute and enjoyable flick.noticeably good acting and good blasts from the police dog junior.

cli o (mx) wrote: ehh. . . . no thanks

Bengel W (ru) wrote: Sympathetically filmed with some powerful actors, especially Ian makes this weepy yet joyous film that will wreck havoc on your emotions. Though a true story the writers have kept the action focused and interesting allowing the rawness of the situation to come through. Morn the loss, yet give way to the triumph of human perseverance and dignity. Nibbles: Hot Dog.

Lui Henrique A (gb) wrote: Este tambm vejo hoje.

M M (br) wrote: AH AH AH AH, delizioso twist of events finale.

Daniel M (it) wrote: Not outstanding, but not the bore that it seems.

Jim D (fr) wrote: Not impressed...especially when compared with the book. Themes related to the American South are almost completely absent. The movie was tedious there was no chemistry between Peter MacNicol and Meryl Streep. I thought the mental illness aspect to the Nathan Landau character was too subtle in the film...and Kevin Kline was just the wrong choice as Nathan Landau..

Kenric A (de) wrote: I loved the pace of it, the total immersion into a different time, the powerful acting, the (repetitive but) majestic score, the story, the long glances. Beautifully done all around. And fitting that I just happen to be watching this during the holidays.

John K (jp) wrote: Yes, it's depicting a true story, but the film is almost unbearable to watch. A constant barrage of gore, this is torture porn for the war movie, crowd, reveling in human destruction.