Girlfriend Boyfriend

Girlfriend Boyfriend

Mabel, Liam and Aaron have been friends since childhood. Their bonds of friendship are tested when, years later, they realize their friendship is the only reason they have made it through emotional hardships and extreme tragedies.

When three rebellious students leave their hometown to pursue their lifelong dreams in the big city, their relationships start to face the pressures of real life as the 1980s Taiwanese ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gideon R (fr) wrote: Why would Nickelodian put their name on a foul mouthed pg-13 movie, knowing kids would want to see it?

Maximus D (kr) wrote: Cheap gags and too many loose ends in the plot. Just not a well made film.

Andy B (de) wrote: I'll go with a hard-ridden cliche- An experimental film where the experiment fails. Yes, I get it. It's a cine-ramic double mirror/ paradoxical cross-section/ filmographical Russian nesting doll of perspectives on how & why we watch movies and big jabs at common story structure. But all those things have to amount to something and be entertaining above the baseline to work as a film. Instead all the charm is lost in pretentious cinematography and some kind of mathematical exercise in surrealism. It's never as funny, dark, clever or inspired as it really could have been. I was *so* close to giving it 1.5 stars but one thing, I guess, earned that last .5 star & kept me watching, Roxane Mesquida. It's a cheap trick to hire a sexy French girl in order to keep your viewers from walking out & I would've been guilty of biting that base hook but the scene with her speaking through the mic wired to the explosive dummy was very funny to me. And it was the only moment of cleverness that actually worked, turning the camera back through the screen and exposing the baseness of what can appeal to me enough to watch through 90 minutes of otherwise extremely dull material. She's good though, right?

Alex W (nl) wrote: this movie was more likely to get a response during the cold war. there are a couple country's that might set off nukes but US and Russia aren't them. Now ones gonna take the threat of a nuke going off seriously until it happens.

Josh P (gb) wrote: This may be the performance of a lifetime. I am positive Clint Eastwood can deliver more quality to his characters and how his stories are inspired by all events.

Stephen G (de) wrote: I have seen better acting from a severely retarded person than most of the actorsin this film. It is a terrible film. I know feel dumber having watched this.

Melida M (ru) wrote: This was a depressing movie. What a horrible life of fear these poor people have to live.

Zachary P (ca) wrote: Great revisionist western that seems to have gotten buried with the 70s.

john d (jp) wrote: loved this movie as a kid. find it even more hilarious as an adult

Declan H (gb) wrote: Come on, man. How do you mess it up that bad?

Jacob S (us) wrote: This is a PERFECT movie... to watch on cable... with commercial interruptions. I seriously cannot imagine enjoying this film any other way.

Griffin W (fr) wrote: I consider this movie split down the middle of its run-time. The first half is a fun adventure, romance, dark comedy about these two serial killers dishing out vengeance on society, and the other half is an attempt at satire on the news on television. While I thought the first half was entertaining enough, the second half can be slightly obnoxious at times with blatant, heavy handed sequences letting the satire shine through and loud performances. I can understand if someone likes the satire int he film, but I just found it ham-fisted. None the less, the movie is darkly funny, well acted, and unique in style. The movie is "Money Well Spent"