Girlfriend Experience

Girlfriend Experience

A man obsessed with prostitutes discovers that love is a lot more expensive than sex. An entertaining peek into the world of prostitution from the client's point of view.

A man obsessed with prostitutes discovers that love is a lot more expensive than sex. An entertaining peek into the world of prostitution from the client's point of view. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hugo G (jp) wrote: I had known about this movie since it won big at the Cesar awards. So I was expecting it to be good, yet I wasn't sure what to expect from the story. And I did like it, Guillaume's performance was really good in his dual roles, and the story was also very touching and more complex than you would expect. Although I still have to process it more thoroughly, it was overall a good dramedy, that although maybe because of its context it became so popular in France, I still felt like it was missing something to be more than a good movie. Still I would recommend it, and Guillaume's sure demonstrates a lot of talent in front and behind the camera. ~August 19, 2016~

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Ken L (ca) wrote: because its Yu Lik-Wai, the cinematographer for Jia Zhang Ke, you will expect the visual to be gorgeous. it is, but that's just it for the film. the premise seems interesting, but the direction is not engaging. verdict: more style, very little susbstance. much like Susie Au's "Ming Ming".

Gary D (us) wrote: I won't lie, I bought Biker Boyz years ago for the sole fact that I heard Kid Rock was in it. While I was disappointed to see he only had a minor role, the movie itself was surprising. Basically, it offered more than I was expecting. If you're a fan of things with two wheels, or bike racing, you should find this enjoyable. I did.

bill s (nl) wrote: A little too Hollywood but fine performances and a talented director help save the thriller day....could have been more.

Jon K (ag) wrote: The movie had potential...seems it went downhill after Bill Murray's scenes were over. After that, there became to many "gotcha" moments and it was pretty cheesy.

Ryan W (ru) wrote: Cheesy? Yes. Sappy moments galore? Yes. Ridiculous plot? Yes. Love connection between the rich girl and the convict? Yes. Lance Henriksen as a hard old bastard? Yeah, baby! While this isn't exactly Phantasm or Bubba Ho-tep, I think that Don Coscarelli had some fun with this one. My only complaint is that the characters really don't need to be THAT close to straight-up archetypes that they cease to be believable. Nevertheless, Lance Henriksen continues to kick ass and things are entertaining enough to compliment a muggy summer evening with a few buddies and some brews.

jeroen v (nl) wrote: Reasonable prison drama that wasn't bad in its day. Roger Daltrey shows he is actually quite a good actor and he could've had a acting career. The big downfall for this movie is that the prison/crime genre has been seriously improved on with milestones like "Chopper" , "Bronson" and "Un Prophete" and so it's all a bit meek and mild now.

Jason S (au) wrote: There were some inaccuracies and some significant aspects of his life were left out. Sometimes it seemed like they were throwing in random Indian stereotypes just to occasionally remind the viewer that this film was about Native Americans.

Christie B (es) wrote: not horrible. but not the best.

Alondra B (mx) wrote: I love it can't wait till second movie comes out by the way I'm Alondra and I'm 10 nice to meet u lol~~?~>~

Staush P (kr) wrote: Has a gritty 1970's feel to it.