From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The film relates the adventures of a young Japanese samurai named Yohei who visited Spain in the 17th century, in a story loosely taking its inspiration from the travels of historic samurai Hasekura. Yohei survived in hiding to the present day due to magical powers ("After centuries of lethargy, he awakes in a World he does not know"), and accomplishes many adventures in modern Spain as a superhero. Description above from the Wikipedia article Gisaku, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Japanese,Spanish,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:martial arts,  

A spell transports a 17th-century samurai to modern-day Spain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gisaku torrent reviews

Michael R (ru) wrote: The Stupidest Movie....

Samuel J (jp) wrote: It's a wanna be "Seabiscuit" that's trying to be funny and for kids.

Lee M (fr) wrote: Yeah, Denys, we get the social comment. I just hate to tell you, even bad TV is a whole lot more interesting.

Matthew T (jp) wrote: Tornatore is the man! I watched this on a really cold rainy night, it was the perfect film for that. Claustrophobics should hug their comfort blankets whilst watching this film. Two powerhouse performances from Depardieu and Polanski. a must see film.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Its doesn't take itself seriously, but whenever it seems to gain your interest it often loses it soon after.

Cesar C (ca) wrote: It's a great 80's teen movie to watch as an adult, moment at which one can really reflect upon one's own first experiences. Peer pressure, teen bragging, smoking, all in one, make for an entertainment, but somehow also toll up on the movie's main plot.

Stephen G (ru) wrote: Not as good as the first, but still really good.

Spencer G (fr) wrote: I have to start with the reviews of others who call themselves critics. Before viewing EDSS, as a longtime film watcher from a longtime film family, having a grandfather that was a distributor and an uncle that was a producer "The Blob" etc. I have several comments. As a child I carried reels to theatres and even got called in to run projectors when a projectionist called in sick. I have been around the block with film, and I vended films for 20 years. It is important you know I am not a "reviewer". I hate reviewers, as I find most are self riteous and obnoxious with a holier than thou attitude towards filmmaking. No need to vent further. I am not sure EDSS needs as much discussion as the critics have given it..Like all disturbing films it calls for discussion as to what is this film about? I have learned in my 60 years of watching film that often what a film is about is unimportant. We often forget that film is a "moving picture" in any picture the single most significance is the image itself. Film making doesn't have to be "about" anything. All the discussion about Herzog and the meaning of this visceral film to me is meaningless without understanding that the imagery is the single most important part of any film. The 28 dwarfs who were cast specifically for the script that Herzog wrote are likely not professional actors. They do their parts to the best of their ability following Herzog's lead as a director. Is the film surreal? is the film a farce? I say does it matter? The point being the imagery alone is significantly disturbing enough that it makes the audience think. It makes the critics discuss what they assume Herzog's intentions are. I did not love this film, however, I understand that all good Art makes me think and my reaction whether positive or negative is important in that if I have a strong reaction either way, the film has made it's point in being Art. Without positive or negative reaction film fails. Yes, I found the imagery disturbing even Diane Arbus like in comparing still to moving photography. It isn't imagery I want to own, but it's imagery that I react to when I look at it. Therefor Herzog succeeds in making a good film. It doesn't matter if it is supposed to be surreal or Werner is simply playing a personal joke on the audience. Tearing it apart and guessing why it was made and what it means have little importance to the value of film. That critics have determined it is political or surreal they have lowered themselves to the misunderstanding of the "moving picture"medium. I do think that EDSS was shot in black and white for a reason and the contrast and mood of the film are elevated in the black and white format it was shot in. I hate giving stars, it is so opinionated. I prefer thumbs up or thumbs down. So Herzog gets the thumbs up for this effort even if only for the disturbing imagery he creates in this odd film.

Damerion C (ca) wrote: sister constance was hot and when sister liguori died it broke my heart

Nicolas E (kr) wrote: Movie about 4 people coming back from Iraq and everybody is having problems adjusting back to normal. Not so interesting.

Michael A (kr) wrote: People are afraid. They don't understand what God has given us. This seems to be folklore, but it's not. The real world is out there. You have to just open your mind.

Tyler S (au) wrote: I will say this started off stupid and disaster like...I really wanted to turn off ..but as the movie evolved somehow I found some laughter and interest. Uma Thurman is a well known super hero named g girl who gets in a relationship with Luke Wilsons character. When he dumps her she uses her powers to make his life a living hell as he falls for someone else. It's a cool take on the superhero genre as it pokes fun and takes a look at a how a superhero maintains a relationship. .When I realized what the movie was going for I just enjoyed it and found fun in the subject material. Luke Wilson pretty bad here but the second half of the movie is much better.

bill s (nl) wrote: Jackson is good the movie is not.

Lahward K (au) wrote: It fails to be either a movie on dementia or on Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher's life is made into a number of set pieces without any show of her character or personality. You do not get to know the Iron Lady in any meaningful way, it's mostly just a bunch of exposition.