The Guitar Mongoloid is a 2004 Swedish film directed by Ruben Östlund, about different people living outside the norms in the fictional city Jöteborg, strikingly similar to real-life Göteborg. Although not a documentary, most of the people seen in the film are non-actors more or less playing themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gitarrmongot torrent reviews

Kyle K (gb) wrote: Amazingly entertaining.

Santosh N (ag) wrote: Good in parts. And Amit Trivedi's music delights.

Patrick B (mx) wrote: Barely passable acting, badly timed musical cues, and a lot of predictability make this a laughably corny and ultimately forgettable film.

Caitlin L (ca) wrote: A disappointing heist movie.

Andrew B (nl) wrote: I had no idea going into Candy what I was in store for with this movie. Heath Ledger in a movie about heroin, I figured it was worth a shot since I am a fan of his. Candy at its basic is a love story about two heroin addicts trying to remain happy while feeding their addiction by just about any means necessary. In most drug related movies anytime they show one of the characters going through heroin withdrawal it is usually a little bit overboard and overblown as in The Basketball Diaries. But Candy is pretty spot on when it came time for that scene. A very disturbing sequence where the couple in the film decides they are going to kick heroin cold turkey and buckle down for what is about to hit and hit really hard. I would classify the movie overall is pretty emotional, but rather boring. Ledger is great as he normally is, and Abby Cornish is very stellar as well. The two work well together, but there just is not enough substance there to make this a great film.

Matt B (us) wrote: Loved it. A classic. Basically "Rounders" except with billboards, made before Rounders.

Christine S (jp) wrote: Roger Ebert says [of the film]: "Faithful readers will know I have an affection for raving lunatics and am grateful for films that break free of the dismal bonds of formula to cartwheel into overwrought passionate excess. This is a weakness, but I am protective of it. " This sums up my enjoyment of these types of films... A rich, disturbing, sensual experience. Bizarre, haunting, excessive--wow.

Matthew C (mx) wrote: Ellen Ripley is the only survivor when she crash lands on a planet inhabited by former inmates of a maximum security prison. Ripley faces the skepticism of the guards and the inmates when she informs them about the Alien. Without weapons or technology, everyone must get together to find a way to kill the Alien. Alien 3 has too many boring moments to be a better than average film, and because of interference from the studio David Fincher was unable to put enough of his own vision too make the film as good as it could have been. Because of this what should have been a great film was very average.

Kenneth W (kr) wrote: This is the best movie with Richard Gere ever (for my part).

Jonathan S (ag) wrote: Filled with brilliant suspense and great comic relief, Foreign Correspondent is one of Alfred Hitchcock's best movies ever made.

Brian R (au) wrote: Overall, the film is very narrow-minded about the purpose behind the way we work with food and why we work in such manner. Not recommended.

Grant S (jp) wrote: Goodish crime-drama, set in Moscow during the Cold War. Plot starts off as very intriguing, but then drifts as it becomes too convoluted.

Steve S (kr) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***