Giulia Doesn't Date at Night

Giulia Doesn't Date at Night

Guido, an acclaimed author, leads an idyllic life with his beautiful wife and teenage daughter. But despite his seemingly perfect existence, Guido's restless search for inspiration leads him into the arms of Giulia, a charming and mysterious swim instructor, who is hiding a secret from her past.

A young writer strikes up a relationship with his daughter's swimming instructor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aurelius D (es) wrote: This had some good laugh out loud moments. It's a guys perspective on a chick flick/ date flick. You got the average guy who pulls a scheme to get the girl. Only the scheme to get the girl is having his friend pretend to be handicap to double date with the girl of his dreams sister. Something so wrong about it and I kind of feel like I'm going to go to hell because I laughed so hard at times. I'm on an indie kick and it's movies like this that really make them worth while and should be taken notice of.

Sean D (nl) wrote: Blood or BattleLone Survivor is a movie directed by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights 2004), this movie stars Mark Wahlburg who plays the role of Marcus Lattrell, a navy seal who is sent on a mission to Afghanistan. Alongside Mark Wahlburg, the other navy seals were played by Taylor Kitsch as Michael Patrick Murphy, Ben Foster as Matthew Axelson and Emile Hirsch as Danny Dietz who all ultimately gave their lives in Afghanistan during a conflict with the Taliban.In 2005, a group of Navy Seals were called out on a tour to Afghanistan in an effort to take down Yousuf Azami, one of the most hostile terrorists in the world. The Seals dropped down by helicopter in Kunar Provice, where Azami was residing. The men were anticipating a clean and easy mission, and to be able to quickly return to their base. Their classified intel pointed them to a mountain to begin their hike to Azami. A couple of hours into the start of their journey, they heard goat bells ringing, and they knew their mission had gone amiss. The men scurried to seek a hiding place within the coverage of nearby trees. Through the dense trees and brush they saw goatherders, which consisted of an old man and two children, who were managing their goats. One of the boys tripped over Lattrell's boot, which sprung the Navy men into action. The viewer can feel with anticipation the adrenaline and terror that was inflicting the men as they grabbed the herders one-by-one. The men tie up the natives, and begin to contemplate what they should do with these people who have found them. They are faced with three options. The first option would be to kill these innocent citizens and continue their mission to kill Azami, the second would be to leave their hostages tied up and hope someone finds them before they starve to death, and the third choice would be to honor the navy seals rules and release these people who are unarmed citizens and take the risk of getting out in time before they tell the Taliban. As they are figuring out what they should do, as a viewer you start to wonder what you would do if you were faced with an impossible situation. Would you kill innocent children and a goat herder? Would you protect your mission by tying up the individuals and hope someone would find them, even though you would be incapable to go back and release them? Or would you release your hostages and risk your mission being compromised, and putting yourself in a vulnerable situation that could kill you? Ultimately, the Navy Seals chose to release the goat herders in this nail biting, ethical dilemma. The men let the captives go, because of their Navy code. The viewer can feel the anxiety and uncertainty as they start to untie the Afghanistan people, with unspoken reluctance and terror. When the soldiers released the citizens the teenaged boy took off running to alert the Taliban about the American soldiers that were invading the mountain. The Taliban, without hesitation, rushed up into the mountains in search for the Navy Seals. Within a few hours, the men saw the Taliban drawing near. The Seals knew it was just a matter of time before they were sighted, so they quickly drew their weapons and started shooting at the Taliban. The Afghani's returned fire, and the scene feels with horrific anticipation, as the audience contimplates if their American heroes can survive. The Seals were able to hold off and kill many members of the Taliban, but they were too far outnumbered, and started being shot and killed one-by-one. Latrell was the only surviving member, by thinking swiftly, jumping down a steep hill, and concealing himself long enough that he was able to escape. Even when we make the best moral decision possible, it can lead to the most horrifying circumstance that we could ever imagine.

Caitlin L (it) wrote: It definitely had its funny moments. Love the two of them together.

Al H (kr) wrote: Good plot but the scary scenes are not so scary.

David K (kr) wrote: I have watched this movie 10+ times, and it still gets me. Captivating, Thrilling and with stellar performances from Clooney, Wilkonson and especially Tilda Swinton

Jess L (it) wrote: I read the book first and thought it was disturbing but pretty good. I was looking forward to this movie and was pretty let down. It felt like a try hard Tennenbaums; largely in part to the characters portrayed and the style of the house he goes to live in when his mum goes off the rails. It was an alright movie, enjoyable to watch in parts and perhaps not very memorable after you've finished viewing.

Angela W (au) wrote: Really bad!, bad acting, bad sound, bad photography, I could only watch 15 minutes of it!, waste of money

Indu R (br) wrote: This movie was a funny movie. It was good, but not as good as the other two sequels.

Paul B (ru) wrote: Great comedy of errors with some hilarious scenes.

Dan K (de) wrote: A true life murder involving the first nationally famous porn-star John Holmes. Interesting telling of the real life murders on Wonderland Ave from the point of both key surviving members. Another film that benefits greatly by the way its shot as well as the accompanying soundtrack. Boogie Nights this is not!

Ian C (us) wrote: The third, weakest and final installment of this horror franchise. Cordell is brought back to life with the aid of some black magic to help protect a comatosed police women who has been framed for a murder. Davi is the balls again as he hunts down the Maniac cop. A good soundtrack from Jerry Goldsmith and some comedy gold from Jackie Earle Haley as a junkie stick up man. Not a patch on the first two but a decent end to a great trilogy.

Donnie Ray S (fr) wrote: It's a slow film about show biz getting in the way of two lovers. Both stars do great, and the music scenes are extremely entertaining. But the film has some pacing problems that causes some scenes to bore you. But overall, I found it sad and moving as we watch these two lives rise and fall together. Could've been a masterpiece if it fixed some of its big mistakes.

John B (fr) wrote: Very bad star only b/c arnolds in it

Remi L (au) wrote: This movie pretty much educated me about Manson

Rob P (mx) wrote: A slow, but very well done thriller. A great cast and good story which still holds up pretty well.

Tim C (ru) wrote: Worst superhero movie ever? Worst superhero movie ever.

Michael H (de) wrote: Not awesome but really good. Makes you long for the good old days of childhood when you believed pretty much anything was possible, and through your eyes as a kid everything was serious and important, which I believe how Wes was looking at this movie when he was writing and directing it.

Alexander W (fr) wrote: I very much like the story and the interconnected pigs and people, but the storytelling style/cinematography, while skilled, is not my taste.