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Glaset i örat


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Justin B (us) wrote: For better or for worse, a sequel on par with the underwhelming first attempt.

Champ S (au) wrote: Really nice movie with good sense of family, but i wish the story is somewhat more interesting.

Steven L (fr) wrote: Quality movie what what!!!

Andy I (br) wrote: great british movie, great acting all round, top banana

Hollywood H (us) wrote: Watch just to see how bad this is

Kevin H (jp) wrote: My favorite Norris movie... which isn't saying much....

Lashanna P (kr) wrote: Love it, one of my favorite

Judge L (gb) wrote: Some 80's flicks need to be left back in the 80's. Was still funny to watch just for the cheesy 80's style.

Alex B (kr) wrote: Another great film from Bresson.

Emily R (it) wrote: This film is a little contrived, plotwise, with the governess falling in love with the father. However, Bette Davis and Charles Boyer carry it off with sheer charisma, charming audiences enough to make up for the lackluster plot. Davis plays an uncharacteristically weak character in this film, but she shows a great deal of vulnerability and a hint of what might have been had she taken more roles like this governess reminiscent of Olivia de Havilland.

Brandon C (au) wrote: The movie that put life back in the franchise by bringing back fan favorites Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. 73/100

Dan H (jp) wrote: Surprisingly affecting emotional drama, beautifully photographed. Will Ferrell demonstrates that he is a highly capable dramatic actor, not just a goofy comedian. As long as you don't expect it to be full of riotous gags (the few moments of comedy are light and situational based) there's plenty to enjoy in this bittersweet tale of an alcoholic who loses his job, wife and home on the same day, taking up residence on his front lawn. This film is a treat for anyone willing to give it the time of day.

Eric H (mx) wrote: It hasn't aged well, but it's still enjoyable and touching.

Mike D (jp) wrote: Simple little comedy with a The Pick-Up Artist meets The Social Network vibe.

Jon C (ca) wrote: an impressive turn from both Mary Elizabeth Winstead and first-time director Chris Messinain the city of Venice, California Alex is living her life but a number of issues arise for her; she's divorced from her husband, her father is losing his memories, her sister is a tad immature, and she has to take care of her son by herselfwe learn though that we can still fight for what we love even though it seems to be falling apartWinstead feels just like a real woman with real-life problemssomewhat sluggish but lifelike enough it's a shame though Messina isn't in the film that much, to be fair though it is Alex's story with her fragility being tested along with her strength to carry on