Glass Dolls

Glass Dolls

A student is found murdered in a lake.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Norwegian,Saami
  • Reference:Imdb
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A mother reports her student daughter Lisa missing, but detective Aslak Eira is getting too little information, and she is found in a lake. The more they investigate, the less they seem to understand. Then Lisa's best friend goes missing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucero C (de) wrote: This film had so much potential to show an important message but unfortunately it used cheesy and cheap shots in the beginning of the film, that I doubt many stay for more then 30 minutes after started. The film really picks up by the end of the movie but until then, it's too long and too messy to make an impact in the end of the film

Jake J (au) wrote: Why did I like Goon? 3 Strong reasons. The first reason. I personally am a huge fan of violence in films, and this movies defiantly met my standards of satisfying bloodiness. The second reason. The characters in this movie are surprisingly realistic, likable, and relatable. The third reason. The movie itself was not downright hilarious, but did a fantastic job of mixing comedy, action, and a little romance. Overall rating.First Viewing: 7/10Well Directed and Shot: 10/10Acting: 7.5/10Comedy 6.5/10Second Viewing 8/10Third+ Viewing 9/10

Jim H (kr) wrote: A group of contractors must remove asbestos from an abandoned mental hospital, but the environs start to take their toll on the group's leader.A profoundly atmospheric film, Session 9 begins creepily but eventually devolves into a kind of slasher film. Many of the first act set-ups go nowhere special, and I was left disappointed by the ultimate resolution. Horror films that spend more time on building the scenery than developing plot and characters don't do much for me, and while it's true that there are some interesting threads of characters here, I don't see anything fully developed.Overall, this is a middling horror film that will work for those who loved the original environment horror film, Halloween.

Na D (de) wrote: Nothing special, just alright.

Corey S (de) wrote: While it was a bit slow at points a great cast and funny data made it very fun to watch. Also the last 30 mins where Picard meets kirk and saves the day was really cool and interesting time travel and made kirk a total legend

Muhammad G (kr) wrote: pernah liat shahrukh khan main sebagai psikopat....,???,kalo blom ente musti nonton yang ini...!!!

bill s (fr) wrote: Not a visual masterpiece but the best written and acted story of this franchise even though Wrath of Khan is still my favorite.

Tim R (jp) wrote: A Roger Ebert satire classic

Brad S (nl) wrote: This is a great film-noir/thriller that plays like Hitchcock meeting the French New Wave. This is the first film for acclaimed director Louis Malle, it's hard to believe he was just 24 when hr made this. Jeanne Moreau is stunning, and the cinematography is gorgeous and really captures the beauty of Paris at night. The score by the legendary Miles Davis which was recorded in just one night, helps to elevate the film even more. This film is a must watch!

Chris B (ru) wrote: While I wouldn't consider "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" a masterpiece or a lost piece of cinematic perfection, it's beautiful cinematography captured in beautiful technicolor and strong performances make it a beauty to behold. The film has a very dream-like feel to it and the deliberate pacing of the film only adds more to this mood that suits both the story and film wonderfully! While many critics at the time of the film's theatrical release criticized Ava Gardner's performances, saying it was too cold and contrived, I think it suits the role flawlessly. James Mason gives a powerful portrayal of the Dutchman who after murdering his wife out of false suspicion of her infidelity is cursed to sail the seas until Judgement day. Of course the catch is that if he finds love (He is allowed to walk the earth for six months every seven years in search of a woman willing to love him and die for him.) then the curse will be broken and he can find peace. This is one of many films to have been lovingly restored thanks to the involvement and devotion of Martin Scorsese who should be given loads of credit for his passion in bringing this and many other Classic films back to their former glory on Blu-ray! This is certainly a very hard film to classify or stick in a certain genre and is more like a lucid dream that combines mysticism and melodrama to form a wonderful romance film that is so much more then it's separate pieces.