Glass Lips

Glass Lips

This dialog-free film, originally presented as 33 short films, is an experimental, bizarre set of meditations and flashbacks of the grotesque.

This dialog-free film, originally presented as 33 short films, is an experimental, bizarre set of meditations and flashbacks of the grotesque. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anvay A (ru) wrote: Its a very nice movie

mark d (ag) wrote: The film received the Grand Prix at the Cannes film Festival, which is the festival's second most prestigious award. The win was shared with the Turkish film Once Upon a Time in Anatolia.[20] The film received a nomination at the 69th Golden Globe Awards for Best Foreign Language Film and at the Satellite Awards 2011 in the same category.[21] It was also nominated at the Independent Spirit Awards for Best International Film.[22] The St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association nominated the film for Best Foreign-Language Film, but it lost to The Intouchables.[23][24]Doret received the Magritte Award for Most Promising Actor. The film was named among the National Board of Review's Top 5 Foreign Language Films of 2012.[25] It won the Best Foreign Language Film at the San Diego Film Critics Society Awards 2012.

CB M (kr) wrote: Tom Hanks tries hard as the good-natured title character, but there's little charm in the film's banal and unappealing script.

Matty S (it) wrote: Lo-Fi documentary about the oddly successful and entertaining 1980's TV series. For those who remember this absurd and strange pop culture moment, this is a fun and touching look at what went on for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Campbell P (de) wrote: Once is a film that stands out more than most films in the music genre and there's good reason. There isn't really many other movies that can capture the beauty of creating music and friendship. This movie follows the career of a man who writes his own songs and plays them in the streets of Dublin for money. One day, he meets a woman that takes liking to his tunes and they soon play music together after realizing their special connection. The relationship between the two leads played by famed songwriter Glen Hansard and Mark (C)ta Irglov really shows a sweet connection and makes this a really sweet film. The music they create together not only shows the power of their connection, but also shows the beauty that they can create together. The songs written were absolutely beautiful. The most important part of a musical is its music of course and the music was mindblowingly great. The characters that were in smaller roles were also well acted. The band overtime becomes really good friends and share a sweet bond together that shows the perks to friendship and that's what this movie perfectly exemplifies. The two leads also had amazing chemistry and an inspiring story of love even though love wasn't physically said. I rooted for them to last as a couple but this story was more reality than expectation and I loved that. Not everything has to be scripted and appeal to a certain audience that expects a they came together through fate story. A film can be what it wants to be and if it's not what you wanted or thought it would be, sometimes that's what makes a movie like Once special. This film also manages to be informative in more than one way. Through the recording scenes, we get to see what a recording process looks like and all the effort that is put into making such music. It glorifies that making an album is not an easy process, that it takes hours on end to create what the band themselves think sounds appealing. This movie, for someone learning how to write lyrics and make beats, can really comfort them by showing that these things take time and effort and not a ton of people understand this concept by doubting themselves. The end of this movie is the ultimate lesson that doesn't beat you on the head but cuts deep. Showing that sometimes you need to move on and accept that you need to do what's right. The guy accepts that the girl is taken and respects that throughout the film and they still manage to create a really special relationship. He thinks that it's right to seek the woman he truly believes is his and rightfully live that way. Once portrays great lessons of love, how to deal with heartache, how to be patient with your music, and shows how beautiful friendships are and how important they are to influence your decisions. If not for the girl, the guy would not have gone to London and started his dream to create a record. It's the friendships like the two leads have that only seems to come around once. A

Norman E (ru) wrote: Kabei is such an excellent movie....very touching.

Sue B (ag) wrote: Always a treat to have Maggie Smith and Judi Dench in the same film.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: The best documental i had ever see, a fusion of color, music and amazing ideas of cool people. You have to see it and can said nothing words are short to describe 1 giant leap.

Alex T (fr) wrote: My first review of Zoolander said I enjoyed it more than any movie I'd ever seen. That was a decade ago. Now, I'm so old and weary that I found it boring and mean-spirited the second time around.

Caleb C (us) wrote: This campy ride is something no tto be missed by any fans of cheesy camp films. The only thing missing here is the 'Grindhouse' treatment. I felt they could have had a lot more cheese here and a lot more could have been done with this. I figure they had a certain budget, though, considering it is a 'made-for-tv film, so they could only do so much. For whats it's worth everyone does pretty much rock the heck out of these characters, and yes, the acting is pretty bad, but it all just works very well for what it is. Plus, it actually does make sense. Any fan of Hasselhoff is sure to love this as well just for his over the top greatness here.

Amy E (ru) wrote: what I have seen of this movie is good...the question is will we ever finish it? :)

Scot C (es) wrote: "Who's big pillow case is this?" "That's my underwear you aashole!"This is another film that has seemed to have slipped under the radar. And great to see Brian De Palma showing versatility and directing a comedy. A comedy about all the cliche's of the New York mafia, which i found very entertaining. Danny DeVito is just so great to watch, full of energy and clearly really enjoying this role. And every comedy needs a serious side, Harvey Keitel always delivers. By today's standards this film isnt even near perfect, but it doesnt matter, and i feel an audience should accept it for what it is. A film out of the 80's, that is a uniquely 80's film in every way. There are great moments and slightly larger than life characters in this movie, but it all fits in superbly in this genre of film. Another classic in my opinion!

Jesse T (de) wrote: An entertaining, yet informative film about one of the greatest composers in history that every student of the arts owes it to themselves to see.

Alonso A (kr) wrote: I can't take that smirk away.

Ivan D (nl) wrote: Before our film industry has turned into the mainstream disappointment that it has been today, masters like Ishmael Bernal strengthen the industry's foundations, not by big-budget films that boasts of colorful, shallow nationalism, but supported its pillars with critical bravery, exploring the themes, subjects, and immoralities in a time of modernistic bondage of expressive sovereignty(Marcos era). I've always conditioned my mind that "Maynila: Sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag"is the best film to ever portray the eponymous capital of the Philippines. But witnessing this work for the first time, it has altered my perception of the Lino Brocka classic, and at the same time, "City After Dark", for me, has immediately entered the realms of being one of the "definitive" Filipino films at its highest auteuristic control. But do not get me wrong, "Maynila: Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag" offered an unforgettably painful look of the city from the eyes of, putting it bluntly, an alienated 'promdi'. It's a film that steers raw emotions, and at times slipping into melodrama, but "City After Dark" may have been the opposite; it explores apathy in the midst of moral decadence. There's moments in this film where the characters asks each other artificial questions like "Do you really love me?", or "Will you really marry me?". they're not honest queries, but merely asked so to pass the time. And though same questions may have come from sincere hearts, it's beyond their grasp. Manila's too busy a city to provide secure answers.

Jamal G (ca) wrote: Captivating and creativeness only begin to explain this movie. One of my personal favorites.

l S (fr) wrote: It lives up to its name. I take it back; I would not dare to call this a "movie."

JuanKa P (de) wrote: Mike Wazowski y James Sullivan, los adorables monstruos de Monsters Inc. regresan en una precuela divertida. En esta ocasin ambos asistirn a la Universidad para formarse como 'asustadores', pero pronto se vern relegados en el grupo de 'perdedores' y aunque al principio no son amigos, debern unirse para vencer las dificultades. La pelcula tiende a caer en los clichs propios de las comedias universitarias norteamericanas, pero an as mantiene su encanto y diversin