Harried and overworked, Taeko leaves the city for a much-needed island vacation. Stepping off a propeller plane onto golden sands, she drags her giant suitcase across the beach to Hamada Inn. Owner Yuji is impressed; it's the first time in three years a guest has made it to the inn without getting lost. The next morning Taeko wakes up to the greetings of peculiar fellow vacationer Sakura who leads the townspeople in funny morning calisthenics on the beach. Thus begins Taeko's strange vacation on this strange island full of strange people. At first Taeko finds the laidback attitude and mass idleness hard to bear, but soon she too begins to see the joy in "twilighting".

Taeko an stressed out career woman leaves her stressed out life in the city for an island vacation. The vacation does not become what expected, as everyone on the island are rather strange. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh B (es) wrote: Though this movie does have its downs, I feel like the ups definitely outweigh them. Kristen Stewart surprisingly is very strong in her role as a Military newcomer who ends up being one of the Guantanamo Bay guards. She is assigned the duty to guard a man named Ali (Peyman Moadi). He also delivers a great performance. The dialogue between the two is both dramatic and humorous but can sometimes feel drawn out. I do not find this as too much of a flaw though because of the type of movie it is trying to be. I like to view this more as a 2 person dialogue through the cold metal bars of a prison than a full blown movie with a plot. As a movie I would rate this 2 stars, but as a demonstration of acting and the inside of a prison, I rate it 4 stars. It has exceptional acting and an exceptional performance of these 2 totally different human beings who form a very unlikely friendship. Good job Peter Sattler, you did a good job if your goal was to grab the viewers attention in an emotional and cant stop watching way. Even someone who views this drama as boring will most likely stay to the end of the movie and find themselves asking questions and wondering what happens later on, and asking themselves questions about both characters. Now isn't that the goal with most movies? To make the viewers think and wonder? What starts as boring, ends with wonder and amazement. The end scene is great, and although predictable, definitely not cheesy.

Ethan P (nl) wrote: Chadwick Boseman's absolutely amazing performance gave life to James Brown's unbelievable life story and helped make a good movie a great one.

Matthew D (it) wrote: A little clunky condensing as it does 20 years of comic history, exposition is necessary. An unfortunate, but inescapable outcome is that the surprise of the Red Hood's identity is taken away from the start. At least the opportunity is taken to streamline and enhance the story, one that is still filled with great character moments, action and an affecting climax.

Geoff J (nl) wrote: Scene after scene of things that are trying so hard to be funny and failing so much. It's just embarrassing, and awkward. Pretty much what the cover art would lead you to believe, then. Note the review that states soberly that it fails to live up to the comedic standard set by "Good Burger." Then think about that and cry yourself to sleep.

Terri S (br) wrote: Enjoyed this movie - a little sad but worth watching

David B (ca) wrote: on par with the football factory

Charlene B (br) wrote: In this movie Rocky, Colt and TumTum must battle an evil wealthy toxic waste dumper in order to save a local Indian tribe and their friend Joe. The 3 Ninjas must help find Joe's father and find a secret disk that contains evidence that could stop the toxic landfill that is destroying the Indian community. However the town is owned by the rich man and he controls the police and even the mayor. They must fight a motorcycle gang and renegade cowboys in this non-stop ninja adventure.

Gergely K (de) wrote: Nem tudtam, hogy hihetek e a szememnek mikzben a Zsugorfejeket n (C)ztem. Adott 3 tizen (C)ves fi, akik szemtani lesznek egy kocsilopsnak, az esem (C)nyt kvet'en pedig tanskodnak a bnsk ellen. Az igazsg pedig, mint tudjuk vak, gy a tolvajokat szabadlbra engedik (C)s d 1/4ht'l fjtatva agyonlvik a 3 tin (C)dzsert. A gonosztev'k azonban nem sejtik, hogy ldozataik kzeli bartsgot poltak egy nyugdjas voodoo pappal, aki nem rest levgni a 3 halott ficska fej (C)t (C)s azokbl sszeaszalt kis zsugorfejeket csinlni (pont olyanok, mint a Harry Potter (C)s az azkabani fogolyban lthat kis iz (C) a buszban). Ez m (C)g nem minden! A zsugorfejek ezt kvet'en gyilkos triv vlnak (C)s megbosszuljk az ellen 1/4k elkvetett mer (C)nyletet. Aki azt hinn (C), hogy egy fej nem tud bosszt llni, az nagyon t (C)ved, mert bizony tudnak rep 1/4lni is, ramot l'ni, s't az ldozataikat akr zombiv is t tudjk alaktani. Term (C)szetesen emellett tartalmaz m (C)g a film tiniromncot, sok vicces beszlst (C)s min'sthetetlen 1/4l olcs effekteket. Mr 3x zuhanyoztam mita lttam tegnap, de m (C)g mindig mocskosnak (C)rzem magam. :))

David M (br) wrote: The first movie I watched with the woman who would become my ex-wife. Still, a good memory.

Allen R (es) wrote: It's easy to see why John Carpenter enjoys this one as much as he does, it's overflowing with Howard Hawks-ness. Sure, it's dated and the cheese factor is high, but director Ed Cahn frames everything as if he's shooting a noir in space, and that lends a wonderful atmospheric quality to what would otherwise be a run of the mill monster movie. Dan O'Bannon has spoken openly about this being the inspiration for ALIEN, and it's clear in every aspect of production. The plot is lifted directly and that claustrophobic atmosphere was only ever matched twice - in the great Mario Bava's PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES, and in O'Bannon and Ridley Scott's masterpiece.

Sherief Z (nl) wrote: I cann't stand the presence of Joan Crawford, among many other reasons.

Grechu M (de) wrote: Well, best Iron Man movie.

Scott R (ag) wrote: A Texas police convoy led by convicts that shows how the line between criminal and civilian can often be too close.