Glissements progressifs du plaisir

Glissements progressifs du plaisir

A young woman is questioned by the police and the judges, suspected of being a modern witch. The girl who shared her apartment has been found dead, and a pair of scissors impaled through ...

A young woman is questioned by the police and the judges, suspected of being a modern witch. The girl who shared her apartment has been found dead, and a pair of scisors impaled through her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach D (jp) wrote: stand out performance from stefania digillarenzo

Alex W (mx) wrote: I think this doc makes was is going on with the hadron collider and how it works understandable and shows its importance. There is also some great buildup to weather or not this gigantic expensive project with a billion moving parts is going to come together. You get to see how important public relations are for scientist as well, they might get funding pulled if the public doesn't think its working, a public who has no idea how any of it works.

Kjetil H (br) wrote: Jada,litt "dataspill",spkelse ,tortur og slasher film dette.Men ikke srlig skummel,og det er jo dumt da!

Lee M (nl) wrote: Make no mistake, this is a well-worn structure around which to frame an intense and wordy drama. However, Ward keeps the tale's trump cards expertly concealed for as long as feasibly is possible.

Jason T (es) wrote: Excellent feel good movie with a great cast. Well worth a look

Elliot S (gb) wrote: Genuinely, one of the single worst films I have ever seen with some moments that go beyond bizarre. If you like jumping zombie vampires over wrecked cars via a trampoline and gun toting Vikings then watch it. It does have a couple of vignettes which I found amusing but please, please, please only watch this film as an example of how a cover of a dvd case can be SO manipulated to give an impression of something so different.

Simon H (ru) wrote: An eye opener on the Chinese treatment of Tibet, and the atrocious acts the Chinese are carrying out on the Tibetan people, MASS GENOCIDE!. Moving yet informative, a must see for the masses to raise awareness of these peace loving people.

Khem T (jp) wrote: ?,-?"(TM)?(TM)-->(TM)(TM) 2 ?, (C)>(TM),> (C) (??) -?-(TM)??(TM)?--""??(TM)" ?,/,?(TM),??"(TM)

Landon L (es) wrote: After seeing the original and the 1978 one, what a damn shame this movie is. It's got boring characters and is just boring as hell. The effects are terrible and it's predictable. The ending was stupid as hell... F-

Jessica M (gb) wrote: Not as good as "The Man From Snowy River"

Noah M (kr) wrote: One of Chuck Norris' best films.

Stuart K (gb) wrote: After Every Which Way But Loose (1978) became one of the biggest films of 1978, a sequel was inevitable. But, alot of it feels like a carbon copy of the first film, with the same old punch-em-up's and brawls. It's weaker in comparison, but it does have the street fight to end all street fights as it's finale. Philo Beddoe (Clint Eastwood) is still going around doing illegal bare-knuckle fights, but they've taken their toll on Philo, and he wants to call it a day, as he's started to enjoy the pain. However, retirement isn't as easy as it seems, and a new challenge arrives in the form of Jack Wilson (William Smith), who comes from the East coast, and uses martial arts with bare-knuckle fighting, in order to convince Philo to fight Jack, the mafia get involved, and they end up kidnapping Lynn Halsey-Taylor (Sondra Locke), which they hope will convince him to fight. So, Philo has no choice to come back one last time, with pet orangutan Clyde with him, his Ma (Ruth Gordon) and Orville Boggs (Geoffrey Lewis) to back him, and The Black Widows are on Philo's tail again, looking for vengeance for years of outsmarting them. It's even more sillier than the first film, if that were even possible, with musical performances by Glen Campbell and Fats Domino between the brawls and fights. The final fight is worth suffering the rest of the film for.

Marko B (us) wrote: Heikoin elokuva jonka olen nhnyt Bavan tuotannosta. Edwige Fenech on ainut lohtu tss filmiss.

Bill C (au) wrote: A campy Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets Original Pink Panther for the 90?s. Retired spies Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid are married on maternity leave in New Orleans and are trying to settle into normal life with a new born baby. This is fluff, pure comedy and if you go in not taking it serious delivers nothing but fun (and it?s a Instant watch) The most memorable is the sort-of break-out role of Stanley Tucci at Muerte/Morty. As the cold blooded Killer who is tracking them. They thwart him effortlessly at every turn and make him rethink his occupation. Herbert Ross directed this movie as he did another favorite The Secret of My Succe$s. Although His movies vary all over the map, they always develop the main characters where no matter how different the situation you can empathize with them. The first movie I saw that he directed was Seven percent solution A mold breaking Sherlock Holmes picture in the 1970?s

Christopher C (jp) wrote: While the overall story is intriguing, the execution by the film and the actors leave much to be desired. The acting is ok, but they don't do a good enough job to actually care what's happening to them. The special effects are good but there is something cartoony about them that makes them unbelievable. Overall it's a good story that doesn't execute well on the screen.