When a young boy's family is killed by the mob, their tough neighbor Gloria becomes his reluctant guardian. In possession of a book that the gangsters want, the pair go on the run in New York.

Mild mannered Jack Dawn has been secretly working as an accountant for the mob. He, his Puerto Rican wife Jeri, his teen-aged daughter Joan and his mother-in-law, all who were planning on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gloria torrent reviews

Lindsey L (nl) wrote: Rife with scientific inaccuracies and half-assed acting, but overall, exactly what you'd expect from a Syfy Original.

Darren M (ag) wrote: Watchable but ultimately boring, David Duchovney was brilliant as Goat man... Probably the only highlight of this bland movie...

Loreno V (au) wrote: This is not a movie for everyone. I personally thought it was amazingly beautiful with some great morality and intense, though subdued, fight scenes and the cinematography is also wonderful. Worth a watch.

Greg W (ru) wrote: gr8 flixter kept the rating-lost the review-again!!!!

Dave P (br) wrote: It seemed like this movie set out to disprove the landing by showing how crazy the astronauts are

Jessica C (us) wrote: -comic book guy voice-WORST MOVIE EVERHorrible acting (Main character is useless doesn't do squat, main female lead is so damn annoying and whiny)Horrible story/plot lineHorrible actionStory will make you want to sucker punch your self for wasting time on this garbage.WASTE OF TIME.

Anand B (us) wrote: Nice Beauty ful and Informative and Tamil cultural Movie..

Mark C (jp) wrote: No where near as good as one of my favorite movies ever, Hoop Dreams, but still pretty good. The DVD extras, including highlights from the 2004 McDonald's game (with too many future NBA players to count).

Dhaval P (de) wrote: Story of love and friendship on the backdrop 70's n 80's of Indian politics including birth of naxalite movement and national emergency. Even though a little bit slow initially, and in mid parts, it has a great story and even great performances from the star cast. More than a film it is also a documentary of a significant but uncovered time period of Indian politics.

Bill R (es) wrote: Don't let the cover lead you to believe your in for a typical zombie movie. This throws a different spin on it and it's more drama and survival with the returned which are zombies that have been stopped in the turning processes. it's a bit slower but still a decent check out.

Mikey M (fr) wrote: By all accounts five different directors worked on this, four of whom were fired after disagreements with the contemptuous star. However it is beautifully photographed by John Alonzo and while it is initially episodic, it's a film that brought out the well researched and stoic best of McQueen as the aging western legend. McQueen perfectly understood both his limitations as an actor and the definition of 'cool' and this should go down (even if it doesn't) as one of his most iconic roles.

James C (nl) wrote: It has a better latter third than the first two and a clever concept but it relies a little too heavy on tired jokes in the beginning when better pacing really is needed.

Dave J (ru) wrote: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 (1970) Rio Lobo WESTERN If you can get past the absurb beginning as well as the bad acting all around- the experience can be quite rewarding especially people familiar with director Howard Hawks work who looks like hired a bunch of second rate actors reading from a brilliant script! The storyline starts off with stolen money from the Yankees from the South only to search and bring justice to the death of one of John Wayne's young comrades just after the Civil War has ended! Only to eventaully find out that it involves a corrupt town called Rio Lobo! All I can say is that the story has been fragmented or adapted to the convenience of star John Wayne which I don't see anything wrong with that since one would know that this film would have a satisfying conclusion! Also, the final set up is similar to a previous Hawks - Wayne film released in 1959 called "Rio Bravo"! 3 out of 4 stars

Nate W (nl) wrote: Claude Chabrol's "Les Cousins" is France's answer to America's youth-in-revolt movies of the 1950's, but in keeping with the New Wave vein from whence it spawned, Chabrol's film paints a bleak and cynical view of troubled youth, rather than one of noble suffering. Most famous is the bold orgy scene, wherein the older of the two titular cousins, drunk, staggers about in a Nazi hat reciting a German poem. Chabrol's mise-en-scene is more kinetic than his French contemporaries, signifying a bit of an interesting crossover between the new European style and traditional Hollywood film making.

Josh B (de) wrote: Near the occupied midway point of his, over, five decade career, Hitchcock's "The Man Who Knew Too Much" certainly isn't one of his terrifying classics like Vertigo or Psycho; but is a humorous, suspenseful thriller that thrills nonetheless. It's not tightly scripted--in that it frequently feels convoluted even for it's simplistic plot--but it is tightly directed with Hitchcock's touch. Narratively weak, feeling unclear and perplexing at times--but has smart dialogue exchange and a simplistic, satisfying end. The plot, though cloudy at times, is immersive and unique for the thriller genre, even today. The film is strongest when Hitchcock delivers his trademark suspense (i.e. the Royal Albert Hall concert assassination). It's a mystery how Hitchcock can take a scene about an assassination of a man we don't know, or honestly care for, and fill us with anxiety. Featuring an elaborate said concert assassination and a meticulous shootout, when Hitchcock isn't within the constrains of the script, he makes good use of his freedom. Though there are strengths within the script, consisting of the previously said witty dialogue and an unpredictability--once the plot is revealed, you think you can predict exactly where it's going, but it takes a few surprising turns. It is understandable that Hitchcock would feel obligated to go back and remake "The Man Who Knew Too Much" in 1956--it feels very loose and linear--but confusing that Hitchcock actually did go back and remake it himself. The performances are an escape from the small and frequent incompetents. Leslie Banks plays a resilient, humorous Bob Lawrence--always being optimistic in uncomfortable situations and even cracking a joke. Edna Best plays Bob's wife, Jill, who is also adaptive in situations and an independent woman (she even competes in skeet shooting). Peter Lorre is a grounded antagonist, you can see this person going about in the palpable world--he's not necessarily intimidating, but has a deceitful laugh that's in no way villainous. With a convoluted script and unfocused narrative, Hitchcock still finds gaps to shine through--in particular, a meticulously executed, suspenseful orchestra.

Alex K (ca) wrote: Humphrey Bogart Is One Of My Favorite Film Actors.

Nicholas B (it) wrote: Worst movie ever. Just a uninspired shit festival of aufulness

Brian S (de) wrote: Another masterpiece of film noir cinema, and although i didnt understand everything about the plot line, i still found it interesting. The performances by Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten are excellent and the post war atmosphere of the film is just pretty. Although some scenes can be really boring and there isnt really that much action in this film, it is a good film noir classic and recommended !!