Go Get Some Rosemary

Go Get Some Rosemary

A father juggling his kids with the rest of his responsibilities is ultimately faced with the choice of being their father or their friend.

After months of being alone, sad, busy, sidetracked, free, lofty, late and away from his kids, Lenny, 34 with graying frazzled hair, picks his kids up from school. Every year he spends a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vinayak B (de) wrote: An excellent movie from a man who is no stranger to controversy. Be it 54(was it 52?) school girls committing grisly mass suicide on the railway tracks of Shinjuku with there limbs flying in all directions(Suicide circle), a detailed autopsy of a decomposed woman's body (Hair extension), a guy who makes an art out of Panchira tosatsu (taking upskirt shots of women in skirts); Sono Shion has depicted nearly all if not darker but stranger aspects of humankind. This movie which is based on a real life incident (even though the actual murder was nowhere as ..well I am out of words here..lets just say it is scary and you have been warned!) is a continuation of Sono's journey into the deeper, darker side of mankind.I like to compare him with David Cronenberg , another director who seems to be fascinated by human anatomy. The camera explores these in great detail at times in many of Sono's movies. Whether he is sensationalizing or not is a matter of individual taste, but for me this is top quality cinema that will throw you out of your chair at times. Sensationalism apart, Sono's anger is indirectly related to the society that produces such 'aberrations'. One would never imagine a well educated, decent looking, woman next door to indulge in acts even the boldest of women would think twice before doing. Superb acting combined with great background music and an apt setting (Shibuya, Tokyo), this film will make your stomach churn at times but is a treat for genuine cinema lovers.Who says that women are under-depicted in Japanese cinema? The three ladies in this two and a half hour movie turn in incredible and of course sexciting performances. These women have desires and they are out to fulfill them, better watch out guys!

Ian P (jp) wrote: Though slow, I felt rewarded for getting through this film despite a somewhat trite plot turn toward the end.

M C (fr) wrote: It's all style, but that style is awesome. 56/100

Blake P (gb) wrote: At the beginning of "Hollywood Ending" I groaned: why does Woody Allen still have to star in his movies? Twenty-minutes in, I was still annoyed-- why does Allen like to spend so much time making movies about "has-beens", that are so ironically happen to be like him? And why does he always have such a beautiful ex-wife that he most likely didn't deserve in the first place? But by the end, I ended up genuinely liking the film, despite all of the Allen cliches popping up. Val Waxman (Woody Allen), is an aging director in the "Topaz", "Buddy, Buddy" stage of his career, and most movie studios, and audiences, have lost interest in the filmmaker, who in the last few years has most headed cheesy commercials. Long-divorced from his lovely wife Ellie (Tea Leoni), who just happens to be getting married to studio boss Hal (Treat Williams), Val spends his days living in denial, settling in with the ditzy Lori (Debra Messing). But after an interesting script pops up, Ellie recommends to her fiancee that Val would be the perfect candidate as director. At first, all seems to be going well, but after Val suffers a panic attack he develops hysterical blindness, forcing him to secretly direct the movie without sight. Will it work? Despite the fact that Allen's aging and his obnoxious, funny, Jewish persona has gotten old to me, somehow, "Hollywood Ending" manages to be charming. Taking all flaws aside, it's obvious that Allen only directs the film with the best of intentions. The result may not be up to his best works, but it's a sweet diversion with a decent cast, and the story is engaging and often times, funny. Leoni herself is sexy and likable, and is one of the best things of the film, but in the meantime the actual satirical elements of making a movie end up being chaotic and goofy. Even though we see the cliches coming from a mile away, "Hollywood Ending" is one of the most cheerful and downright likable movies of his career. Without any symbolism or ironic humor, it remains simple and enjoyable. Allen's done better, but this film is far from the disaster it's made up to be.

Desiree C (mx) wrote: This one is good cause it has more then one holiday in it.

Chris B (jp) wrote: It's entertaining, and Harrison Ford provides a likeable performance.

Chris B (us) wrote: great movie that reeks of the 80's

Steven W (jp) wrote: good one. i love the old disney "live" features

Sean S (fr) wrote: Forced to watch this several years ago on a school trip to DC. The first 5 minutes seem pretty sad, but then you realize that its not and the older brother is just a dick. The rest of the movie is a guy playing catching with his brother's ghost and occasionally sailing or mowing the lawn at the graveyard. There is literally no plotline what soever

Srood T (gb) wrote: it makes you jump from your chair! what an amazing performance!